Why You Need Sunlight To Stay Healthy

There are mixed messages given about sunlight and how healthy it is. Many people are – quite rightly – wary of the sun’s UV rays as they are certainly harmful and can cause cancer in the worst cases. Even if this disease doesn’t occur, the sun can age your skin and cause blemishes. It can also burn you, which is extremely painful.

However, some sunlight is actually good for you. So although you must be careful and wear sunscreen every time you go outside (even on cloudy days), it’s still important to get at least ten minutes of sunshine whenever possible. Read on to find out why you need sunlight to stay healthy, and you might be more motivated to go outside more often.

Vitamin D

Why You Need Sunlight To Stay Healthy

One of the biggest reasons to get more sunshine is that it will encourage your body to create vitamin D. This is the one vitamin that most people are deficient in because they are all inside so much of the time, but it’s an important element to keeping people healthy. Although it’s possible to take supplements, the best thing to do to get more vitamin D is to go outside more often.

Vitamin D is vital for having strong bones and teeth, but studies have also determined that it can prevent cancer cell growth (in some cases), reduce inflammation, and even control any infections the body might have to fight. Since it can do so much, it’s worth spending ten minutes or so in the sun to get more of it.

Produce Serotonin

Why You Need Sunlight To Stay Healthy

Serotonin is a chemical in the body that sends messages between the brain and the body. It ensures that your mood is regulated (serotonin makes you feel happy, for example), that you sleep well, that you are able to digest your food, and so on. It can even ensure your libido is increased. Of course, you may need more than serotonin to act on these impulses, such as sildenafil 100mg for erectile dysfunction or a cool, dark bedroom for better sleep, but serotonin will certainly start the process.

For many, doing something enjoyable will boost serotonin levels, and being out in the sunshine is something that can do this. Since the sun’s rays will automatically help you produce more serotonin anyway, you can see how much you can gain by stepping outside.

Help With Skin Conditions

Why You Need Sunlight To Stay Healthy

As incredible as it might sound, getting enough sunshine can help to treat and heal a variety of skin conditions. Of course, you may still need to take medication or use topical creams, but exposure to sunlight can help to speed up the process or make your uncomfortable skin condition, such as psoriasis or eczema, less painful. The key, as ever, is not to get too much sun when you have a condition like this.

The helpfulness can quickly turn into a hindrance if you are outside for too long, and your skin condition could worsen. Just ten minutes should be enough to help you.