Increase The Oomph Of Your Workout Clothes With These Styles

As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 18% of American women engage in some form of exercise each day, spending an average of half an hour on sports, exercise, or any other active leisure activity.

One of the best parts about working out is that you can forget about what you look like. After all, it’s not as if anyone is going to see you.

And while that’s mostly true, there are some things you can do to make sure you never feel self-conscious about your workout clothes again. 

Here are some ways to take your activewear from functional to fashionable:

Increase The Oomph Of Your Workout Clothes With These Styles

Embrace Athleisure-Inspired Legging

Embrace athleisure-inspired leggings. Leggings are a great way to add a pop of colour to your workout outfit. They can also be worn with a sports bra or bodysuit for more coverage.

They’re very comfortable and versatile enough that you can wear them for many different activities including yoga, barre and cross-training. You can explore the latest in workout leggings designs and styles on this website.

Up Your Workout Outfit With A Stylish Sports Bra

As per an NCBI report, sports bras account for 25% of the total number of bras sold. The industry has grown significantly in the last few years and is projected to be worth 38.4 billion USD by 2026.

A sports bra is designed to offer support and comfort during high-impact activities. It’s also a fashion statement. You can find them in all styles, fits and colours. They’re great for layering with other workout clothes because they do double duty: they help keep the girls from bouncing around while you exercise, but they also give your outfit some edge.

There are different types of sports bras: compression, encapsulation (also known as compression) and moulded. So consider your body type when choosing one that’s right for you. If it’s not already clear by now: every girl needs at least one sports bra in her closet.

Increase The Oomph Of Your Workout Clothes With These Styles

Try On A Bodysuit

You don’t need a ton of padding to draw attention to the curves you’ve worked hard to get. A bodysuit can do all the heavy lifting, boosting your figure in all the right places and offering a little extra coverage. 

The best bodysuits provide enough support to be considered outerwear for everyday wear, but with an appearance that is far from stuffy or frumpy. The key is picking out something that flatters your figure without being too tight or revealing (unless intentional).

Buy Seamless

Seamless outfits are more comfortable, flattering, and durable than their seamed counterparts. They’re also easier to wash and can be worn for any activity, even if you’re just running errands. You’ll appreciate the added comfort of seamless leggings as you do squats at the gym, or lounge around on the couch wearing your new soft-fitted tee.

This season’s hottest look is a pair of high-waist leggings in a bright colour that flatters all body types with its long, lean lines. Pair this trend with sparkly sneakers or sandals for an extra pop.

Increase The Oomph Of Your Workout Clothes With These Styles

Get Yourself Some Printed Co-ords

It’s no secret that print is making a comeback in the world of workout wear. With so many options available, you can easily find something that suits your style and personality.

Printed co-ords are here to add some pizzazz to any workout outfit, whether you prefer bright colours or more subtle hues. Their wide range of designs means they’re perfect for any occasion: whether it’s a fun day at the gym or even just shopping around town on a Saturday afternoon. 

Just be sure not to overdo it with too many patterns. Otherwise, you may end up looking like an extra from The Jetsons instead of someone who could win an Olympic gold medal (which we all know would never happen).

Don’t Forget Those Matching Sets

Increase The Oomph Of Your Workout Clothes With These Styles

The next time you’re looking for workout clothes, don’t forget about the matching set. A matching set is an easy way to look your stylish best while still staying comfortable. For example, you can wear athletic leggings with a matching top or shirt. Or if you prefer something a bit more form-fitting, try wearing athletic shorts with a tank top or sports bra. 

This style works so well that it’s suited for all kinds of occasions: whether it be working out at the gym or going on a run in your neighbourhood park, these outfits are always chic and functional.

If finding the perfect pair of pants seems like too much work (or even if they’re just not your thing), consider trying on different types of bottoms instead, like tights. They come in many different styles and colours (especially when they’re part of a set), which makes them ideal for any occasion where comfort matters most – whether it be yoga class or simply lounging around after class has ended.

You Can Look Great While You Work Out

Increase The Oomph Of Your Workout Clothes With These Styles

You can look great while you work out, and you shouldn’t feel guilty about it. In fact, because of the rising inclination of people toward modern activewear, the global activewear market is expected to expand from 421 billion USD in 2022 to 779 billion USD in 2032. 

There’s no need to sacrifice style for function when you can have both. You don’t have to settle for a boring outfit that makes you uncomfortable or even a baggy ensemble that doesn’t flatter your figure. The right clothes will help motivate you because they’ll make exercise feel fun rather than like a chore.

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