You Must Check Out These 6 Tel Aviv Locations in 2022

With vaccination programs going on in full swing, air travel is regaining its pre-COVID vibe. People are travelling abroad again, and tourists are trying to enjoy themselves to the fullest. So, for the upcoming 2022 tourist season, why not visit Tel Aviv, Israel? And if you do visit, check out these six stunning tourist attractions in the city.

#1 Tel Aviv Beaches

You Must Check Out These 6 Tel Aviv Locations in 2022

Tel Aviv’s coastal location makes its beaches ideal for tourists from all around the world. During the holiday season and weekends, these beaches are full of tourists and locals. You will find people walking around, playing in the sand or water, and just chilling. 

Of all the beaches, Gordon, Banana, and Frishman are the most popular ones. In these locations, you will find all the facilities you need to enjoy the beach, including showers and sun loungers. 

Summer is undoubtedly the best time to check out the Tel Aviv beaches. Temperatures during this time range from 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The average temperature here is around 75 to 78 degrees. Before leaving for the beaches, look up the weather forecast on a website like Checking the weather forecasts is crucial, especially since you do not want to go out in extreme weather conditions. And as modern weather apps use real-time data directly from the weather radars, you can get accurate weather forecasts easily.

#2 Jaffa

You Must Check Out These 6 Tel Aviv Locations in 2022

Jaffa is the old Arab port town in Tel Aviv. It is just a short walk south of downtown Tel Aviv and is known for its well-restored stone architecture. This will interest people who enjoy learning about culture, history, and architecture.

Jaffa is known for many things, including its restaurants and artisan boutiques. You will have a wonderful time visiting the bazaars during the evening. It is always busy during this time of the day.

However, the one thing that Jaffa is most famous for is its flea market. The stores are full of jewellery, clothes, and classic art pieces. Store owners in Jaffa are very welcoming, and they make sure tourists know what they are buying. These flea markets in Jaffa are perfect for you if you are looking to buy souvenirs for your friends and family back home. 

#3 Museum of Art

You Must Check Out These 6 Tel Aviv Locations in 2022

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art is where you will come face to face with Israel’s exquisite art scene. It is home to works of Van Gogh, Henry Moore, Picasso, Degas, and other world-renowned artists. The museum also houses many beautiful pieces by Israeli artists. These artworks are always interesting to look at. They will paint you a picture of the local art scene in Israel.

The museum building is very modern. Its architecture is sophisticated, but mesmerizing to look at. Besides the usual collections, the museum also holds temporary exhibits and events at times. Tickets for the Tel Aviv Museum of Art cost $15. 18 and under can enter the museum for free.

#4 Rothschild Boulevard

Rothschild Boulevard is known for its serene streets. The Bauhaus architecture and the beautiful greenery around it make the street perfect for an evening stroll. It is a place you can visit to soothe your soul after a tiring day. You can also check out the two museums along this road, and educate yourself on some British and Israeli history. 

#5 Neve Tzedek Quarter

Neve Tzedek Quarter is one of Israel’s funkiest streets. It is where you will get to see how the modern youth of this country interacts with its surroundings. From the local cafes to the boundary walls, everything here has an artistic vibe to it. You cannot help yourself from taking pictures of the various wall paintings that you will see in this area. Do not forget to spend a couple of hours at one of the local cafes or coffee shops. There, you might get a glimpse of how the Tel Aviv youth spend their leisure hours.

#6 Old Port Area

You Must Check Out These 6 Tel Aviv Locations in 2022

Namal is Tel Aviv’s old port area. While it is not much of a port at the moment, locals use it as a hangout spot. Namal has now become a hip waterfront chill zone for Tel Aviv’s citizens. The local youths frequent this place the most. You will also see families gathering here during the weekends.

So pack your bags and get your tickets ready. Tel Aviv awaits your arrival

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