Zeus International Grand Leap with Milan and Thessaloniki Acquisitions

In a strategic move to fortify its presence in the European hospitality market, Zeus International Hotels and Resorts has made a significant stride by acquiring two distinguished hotels in Milan and Thessaloniki, along with a prime office block in Athens.

This substantial acquisition, deemed one of the group’s largest to date, underlines its commitment to enhancing asset performance and expanding its footprint into privately owned hotels across Greece and Europe.

The purchase, facilitated by PRODEA Investments, further solidifies Zeus International’s position in the competitive hospitality landscape.

Expanding the Horizon: A Glimpse into Zeus International’s Vision

This acquisition marks a pivotal moment in the Zeus International Group’s expansion strategy, elevating the total number of privately owned hotels in its portfolio to nine across Southeast Europe.

Zeus International Grand Leap with Milan and Thessaloniki Acquisitions

These establishments are strategically located in Greece, Italy, Romania, and Cyprus, reflecting the company’s dedication to exporting warm Greek hospitality and unique guest experiences worldwide.

This move is encapsulated within the broader strategy of the Zeus Experience, which draws inspiration from the distinct identity and heritage of each destination.

The Jewel in the Crown: Dolce Milan Malpensa Hotel

The Dolce Milan Malpensa Hotel, nestled in Lombardo, Milan, stands as a testament to modern design aesthetics within a lush landscape. Strategically positioned just 7 kilometres from Malpensa Airport, the property offers convenient access to Milan’s historical attractions.

Zeus International Grand Leap with Milan and Thessaloniki Acquisitions

Boasting 207 rooms, a restaurant, and a cafe-bar, the hotel also features state-of-the-art conference facilities capable of accommodating up to 700 people. Zeus International’s ownership of the hotel’s lease ensures a seamless integration into its distinguished portfolio.

Lazart Hotel Thessaloniki: Where Luxury Meets Creativity

The Lazart Hotel Trademark Collection by Wyndham in Thessaloniki, a recipient of multiple awards, stands as a beacon of comfort and luxury. Located a mere 10 minutes from the city centre and adjacent to the cultural site “Lazarist Monastery,” the 5-star hotel offers a fusion of contemporary luxury and creative expression.

With spacious rooms, eclectic design elements, and unparalleled views, Lazart Hotel promises an exceptional stay for a diverse clientele, ranging from families and couples to professionals and curious visitors exploring Thessaloniki.

Zeus International Grand Leap with Milan and Thessaloniki Acquisitions

Strategic Growth: Zeus International’s Decade-Long Vision

These acquisitions align seamlessly with Zeus International Group’s 10-year plan, positioning itself as a leading hospitality management company in Europe.

The company’s dynamic growth over the past seven years, with investments exceeding 250 million euros and strategic partnerships with global hotel giants like Wyndham and Hilton, has culminated in a portfolio of 20 hotels valued at over 1 billion euros, comprising approximately 4000 rooms.

This trajectory establishes Zeus International Group as a formidable player in the global tourism and hospitality sector.

Zeus International Grand Leap with Milan and Thessaloniki Acquisitions

In expressing the significance of these strategic moves, Haris Siganos, Founder and Managing Director of Zeus International Hotels and Resorts, stated, “With this strategy, the group brings the total number of hotels owned by Zeus International to nine, marking an important milestone in the group’s journey and bolstering its expansion in the European market. These new additions to the company’s portfolio demonstrate our dedication to the advancement and development of tourism and hospitality in Greece and abroad. We will always be dedicated to promoting authentic hospitality through Zeus International’s experience and know-how.”

Conclusion: A Bold Step into Hospitality Eminence

Zeus International Group’s recent acquisitions echo not only a strategic expansion into the European hospitality market but also a commitment to setting new standards in guest experiences.

With a diverse portfolio that spans Southeast Europe, the company is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of global tourism and hospitality. As Zeus International continues to unlock new horizons, its legacy as a trailblazer in the industry seems destined to flourish.

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