10 Automotive Jobs For Car Lovers

Your love for cars extends beyond driving. If you are a car lover, you must be intrigued by the engineering and craftsmanship that goes into each vehicle and treasure. The best jobs in the automotive sector aren’t limited to your garage.  

Car-related careers offer a wide variety of opportunities to put your passions and skills to work. If you’re passionate about cars, you can start a great job in the automobile industry.  

A Staggering 290 million automobiles are registered in the US, so workers who are skilled in automobile repair are in high demand. According to the reports collected from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there are over 7,55,00 automotive mechanics that are currently employed.  

Moreover, you’ll have a broad range of people who share the same passion for cars at your disposal. A career in the automotive sector is also likely to remain stable since forms of transportation are always in demand. From consulting the customers about the cars to Cost vs. Value For Garage Door Upgrades, the automotive sector has ample job opportunities.  

We have dug deeper and allocated ten car jobs so you can switch your career into high gear.  

Ten popular automotive jobs 

Auto Body Technician 

An auto body technician’s job entails repairing car frames, suspensions, wheel alignments, and other vehicle parts to ensure it runs as safely and effectively as possible.  

In auto body shops, technicians are directly involved with customers and must show vital customer service and business skills, including providing them with the best experience possible. The technicians primarily work with the exteriors, non-mechanical portions of vehicles.  

What you’d need: Auto body technicians do not need a bachelor’s degree, but employers prefer to hire people with technical certifications or related experience.  

Average payout: $20/ hour 

Automotive Instructor 

Automotive instructors are responsible for teaching about transportation, engine repair, and other automotive industry-related careers. They hold specialization in one or two areas relating to automobile maintenance and regulations and teach the basics of vehicle components.  

The automotive instructor generally works in a shop/classroom where the students get to learn about the repair and maintenance experience. 

What you’d need: A bachelor’s degree, along with a teaching license from your state, would be necessary to become an automotive instructor.  

Average payout: $21/ hour 

Automotive Engineer 

Automotive engineers design new cars as well as improve existing models. Safety, fuel efficiency, and style are some of the considerations when designing cars. They are responsible for designing new cars and enhancing the current models.  

What you’d need: Applicants for automotive engineering positions need to have a bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as mechanical engineering. Skills in science, engineering, technology, mathematics, and analytical and problem-solving abilities are essential.  

Average payout: $87,228/year 

Car Detailer 

10 Automotive Jobs For Car Lovers

There’s no escaping it – cars get dirty! It is at this point that the services of car detailers are needed. The vehicle’s interior and exterior are cleaned by vacuuming, polishing, and waxing in-car detailing. Owners may also request steam cleaning and deodorizing of carpets.  

A car detailer interacts with the customer to determine what services they require and drives the entire vehicle around the shop while performing the work. 

What you’d need: To become a car detailer, you don’t need formal education or a degree, but you would learn car cleaning products on the job (such as detergents or shampoos, wax, and polishes). 

Average payout: $12/hour 

Vehicle Inspector 

A vehicle inspector is sent in to investigate if a vehicle is making a strange noise or not performing properly. An inspector’s primary responsibilities include determining if a vehicle requires repair and what kinds of repairs are needed. Their job involves reviewing the car’s emission levels and any custom modifications and ensuring that all regulations are met.  

What you’d need: To become a vehicle inspector, you’ll typically need a high school diploma and some on-the-job training. You must be knowledgeable about car parts, service standards, processes, and vehicle models and makes. 

Average payout: $17/hour 

Tow Truck Driver 

Tow truck drivers respond to roadside breakdowns or damaged vehicles on call. Tow truck drivers need to secure disabled vehicles to their tow trucks using a chain, winch, steering locks, and installing indicator lights. Once transported to a repair shop or junkyard, the cars are repaired or recycled. Occasionally, tow truck drivers perform roadside repairs, such as starting a car and changing tires. 

What you’d need: If you have a valid ID and a clean driving record, you’ll get in. A commercial driver’s license may also be needed, depending on the company.  

Average payout: $45,513/year 

Auto Sales Manager 

10 Automotive Jobs For Car Lovers

Managing car sales teams and maintaining inventory levels are tasks auto sales managers perform for dealerships. A sales manager initiates and negotiates vehicle trades with other dealerships in the area, oversees and approves promotional discounts, public relations activities, and advertising campaigns.  

What you’d need: Auto sales managers need a bachelor’s degree in management or business to get the job. One may need a few years of sales and management experience too.  

Average payout: $67,034/year 

Auto Mechanic 

10 Automotive Jobs For Car Lovers

The auto mechanic’s responsibilities include carrying out routine maintenance, diagnostic testing, and mechanical repairs. The majority of their work is related to motorized components, such as engines, steering, brakes, belts, and transmissions. Mechanics can plug newer cars into diagnostic testing machines, showing them what needs to be repaired.  

What you’d need: Auto mechanics do not need a bachelor’s degree, but employers prefer to hire people with Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certifications.  

Average payout: $21/hour 

Car Salesperson 

A car salesperson assists the customer in finding the right car to buy, explains each model’s benefits and disadvantages, and helps with the payment process. To encourage the sale of their cars, the company invites customers to take test drives with them while explaining the different features of the car.  

What you’d need: A car salesperson needs a bachelor’s degree in sales to get the job. One may need a sales background or experience and fair knowledge of vehicle makes and models. 

Average payout: $21/hour 

Quality Testing Engineer 

10 Automotive Jobs For Car Lovers

A quality testing engineer is responsible for testing all vehicle components to ensure that it functions properly and is safe.  

The tester develops the test case, runs the test, and fixes any quality issues that arise. To meet these high standards, their engineers regularly collaborate with their cross-functional teams.  

What you’d need: You need a degree in mechanical or industrial engineering and a specialization in quality assurance, whether it is crash testing, system integration, electronics, or wireless networking.  

Average payout: $90,562/year 

To Summarize

Car lovers have plenty of opportunities to utilize their knowledge and passion for cars to make some serious money. A key to getting the call is putting yourself in front of hiring managers as much as possible and embracing your passion for cars to turn it into a full-time profession. 

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