10 High-End Hobbies for Outdoorsy Gentlemen

If you have discriminating tastes, you don’t want to spend your spare time binge-watching Netflix in sweatpants. Yes, it’s relaxing and even necessary sometimes — but it makes for a boring Saturday afternoon.

You deserve a hobby suited to a high-end lifestyle. That’s not to say you can’t also be a rugged outdoorsman. Here are ten high-end hobbies for outdoorsy gentlemen to help you pass the time in style.

1. Deep-Sea Fishing

Is there any better recipe for a relaxing day than your boat with a few close friends? There is if you mount a rod holder off the port bow and reel in a massive fish.

10 High-End Hobbies for Outdoorsy Gentlemen | 1. Deep-Sea Fishing

Deep-sea fishing is more akin to hunting in the water than putting on hip waders and hooking a few crappies. You need immense upper body strength to reel in the big ones, and some hauls take more than one angler to manoeuvre aboard.

You’ll also require a unique short and stout rod and various lures and nets, possibly even spears.

2. Hunting

Hunting has been a gentleman’s sport ever since the first fellow donned a pair of riding jodhpurs and set off after a fox. Nor is it restricted to the fall months. Check with your local fish and game department — find out what the spring bag limits are for gobblers and pheasants.

10 High-End Hobbies for Outdoorsy Gentlemen | 2. Hunting

Given your lifestyle, you can afford a higher weaponry class. However, do pay attention to the law in your region. While many jurisdictions allow you to hunt with weapons such as AR-15s, others prohibit the use of such firearms for this purpose.

Nor is a firearm your only choice. You might prefer the refined sport of archery. Most folks find it easier to shoot a compound bow with speed and accuracy, although it takes more upper-body strength to manoeuvre a standard recurve model. Why not hone your proficiency with both so that you are prepared for any eventuality?

3. Golfing

Hitting the links is many a refined gentleman’s way in which to spend a sunny Saturday or Sunday afternoon. As temperatures begin melting all the winter snow, your favourite facility will be hard at work restoring the greens to their glory. Welcome in the new season with a few birdies and eagles.

10 High-End Hobbies for Outdoorsy Gentlemen | 3. Golfing

If you have never played before, you might be surprised how challenging it is to drive the ball any distance. It isn’t a matter of strength but technique. Consider booking a few lessons to help you get the knack — you don’t want to have to pick up your ball to keep up the pace of play.

4. Polo

If you are a member of the equestrian set, why not give polo a try? This high-end hobby requires you to join a club, which can cost a pretty penny. However, once you become a member of this exclusive organization, you can take place in tournaments or kick back and enjoy watching the action.

10 High-End Hobbies for Outdoorsy Gentlemen | 4. Polo

You can enjoy year-round fun as you travel with this pastime. If you want to explore the polo tournaments further abroad than England’s green and pleasant land, head to the Hamptons in July and August or Palm Springs in January through March for tournaments complete with all the exciting side entertainment you can handle. Enjoy exclusive dining from area restaurateurs and entertainment from in-demand performers between matches.

5. Spelunking

If you spent your childhood dreaming of mining for hidden gold in your sandbox, why not take the fantasy to the big stage by adopting spelunking as a hobby? You don’t have to wear a headlamp, although you might want to carry a pickaxe — you never know if it might come in handy.

10 High-End Hobbies for Outdoorsy Gentlemen | 5. Spelunking

If you have claustrophobia, you’ll have to get over your fear of enclosed spaces to enjoy this pastime. To avoid hazards like running out of light or head injuries from falling objects, you’ll need to invest in a helmet and plenty of high-end gear, including ropes, carabiners and LED flashlights. The darkness inside a cave is absolute, and getting lost can prove deadly.

6. Mountain Climbing

If the idea of sliding your body through narrow squeezes underground doesn’t appeal to you, perhaps the thrill of scrambling over a boulder using nothing but carved handholds gets your adrenaline pumping. If so, mountain climbing might be the ideal pastime.

10 High-End Hobbies for Outdoorsy Gentlemen | 6. Mountain Climbing

You can start developing your skills for this hobby on whatever slopes you have nearby, but to tackle the world’s toughest mountains, you’ll need training, a team and equipment. Even those who have tackled Everest might not have undergone the 2-month trek up K2 — are you up for the challenge?

7. Skiing

Winter might be drawing to a close, but you still have time to hit the slopes in many locations. Why not celebrate getting your COVID-19 vaccine with a trip to St. Moritz, Aspen or Vail, Colorado?

10 High-End Hobbies for Outdoorsy Gentlemen | 7. Skiing

You don’t have to go for an adrenaline rush with this hobby if you prefer a more laid-back pastime. Cross-country skiing offers a calorie-torching workout that doesn’t include as much risk of falling. However, if you choose the bunny or the black diamond slopes, you can still indulge in the aprés-ski activities like sipping cocoa by the fire.

8. Photography

Photography is a hobby that can translate into profits. However, you can reserve this high-end hobby for decorating your living room with enlarged canvasses of your best shots if selling your snapshots holds little appeal.

10 High-End Hobbies for Outdoorsy Gentlemen | 8. Photography

As with many high-end hobbies, your tools influence the outcome of your finished product. Investigate the hottest digital cameras for 2021 and pick up the accessory package when deciding on your purchase.

9. Base-Jumping

Are you the ultimate adrenaline junkie? Base-jumping offers all the thrill of parachuting without having to charter a plane — you leap from stationary objects like rock formations and buildings.

10 High-End Hobbies for Outdoorsy Gentlemen | 9. Base-Jumping

If you remember the movie “Along Came Polly,” you probably know that you want to lock in your life insurance rates before adopting this hobby. Only tackle this pastime if you can tolerate the risk and can’t get enough excitement.

10. Skywatching

If you prefer a more laid-back pastime, why not head out to a dark sky location and gaze up at the stars, marvelling at your place in the universe? You’ll be in good company with greats like Copernicus and Galileo.

10 High-End Hobbies for Outdoorsy Gentlemen | 10. Skywatching

You don’t need anything more than the naked eye if you can escape light pollution, but it’s increasingly challenging to do in today’s cities. However, with a quality telescope’s help, you can observe cosmic phenomena like comets and snap some spectacular moon photos once you get the knack.

If you’re an outdoorsy gentleman, consider adopting one of these high-end hobbies. You deserve a pastime that aligns with your discriminating tastes. If you’re a card-carrying outdoorsy gentleman, consider adopting one of these high-end hobbies.

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