1976 BERLIN MCM’s First Experience Store

Entitled 1976 BERLIN, the globally renowned MCM leather luxury goods brand conceptual retail experience at a private function in Berlin. By ‘uniting the forces of contemporary art, culture, and fashion’, the brand has created a retail space that explores beyond the idea of a conceptual experience by creating a platform for the brand for creative engagement.

“With 1976 BERLIN, MCM’s first foray into experimental retail, the German luxury brand provides a space to elevate and celebrate the diversity of modern Berlin.”

The name of this retail space refers to the brand’s founding year and is littered with hints, nuances and influences from its journey to now. A journey which started in Munich. Since its inception, the brand has always focussed on what it means to be bold and free.

1976 BERLIN MCM’s First Experience Store

In order to make this space a reality, the brand’s Global Creative Officer, Dirk Schoenberger collaborated with David Mallon c/o Souvenir Service in order to create MCM’s first 1976 store in Berlin. Set in one of Berlin’s rarest locations, the store is located on Torstrasse 74. In an official statement the store explained:

“Through the usage of raw materials and minimalistic store design, the full focus is on product luxury and details. The design of the store works with authentic and abstract elements for continuous story-telling of original utilisation. Similar to the spirit of Berlin, 1976 represents a dynamic project, ever-changing, always in development. Strong elements of large stone paired with stainless steel product displays and the use of mirror conjure an industrial look, while coloured carpet details and lush greenery bring touches of natural texture. Playful hints of signal red, mustard yellow, and tech orange enliven the space with custom furniture and a bespoke light installation by Bocci.” Drik Schoenberger added:

“We wanted to design a space which invites creatives into the world of MCM. 1976 BERLIN goes along with my idea to evolve the brand with its strong heritage. Customers today are looking for deeper authenticity in the brands they seek, and I believe this culture approach to a retail concept will convey the energy and attitude of MCM to the next generation of consumers”

Guests included Lary Poppins, Aino Laberenz, Chloe Caillet, Joerg Koch, Mavi Phoenix, Caro Cult, Karim Guenes, Rabea Schif, Anuthida Ploypetch, Richy Koll, Langston Uibel, Patrick Mason, Ann-Kathrin Grebner, Cloudy Zakrocki, DJ Gigola, Julian Daynov, Victoria Jancke, Tom Wlaschiha, Alyssa Cordes, Clemens Schick, Hadnet Tesfai, Fabian Hart, Steffen Berkhahn, Dirk Schoenberger and David Mallon.

Images: Sebastian Reuter

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