3 Best Pet Seat Covers (2023 Review)

By the end of this year, several much-discussed dog covers appeared on the market and were considered the best. These are two specific case models and a new type of dog hammock that has gained a lot of popularity among dog owners. But how to choose the right one among them?

In this article, we discuss the most popular dog hammock car seat covers by the beginning of 2023, their main features, pros and cons. Keep reading to find out which one will be the best for your pet and your vehicle!

Dog Car Seat Cover “Travel Buddy”

3 Best Pet Seat Covers (2023 Review)
Image: Owleys

Travel Buddy is a dog car hammock by Owleys. This dog hammock is the brand’s bestseller and has been widely discussed on the Internet for the past year. What are its key characteristics?

+ Four-sided protection

This dog car hammock is considered premium – and it really is perfect to protect your car against stains, dog hair, nails and teeth. It covers the entire back seat, floor, doors, and the backs of the front seats. Made from 600D Oxford cloth, the Owleys dog car hammock is waterproof and scratchproof. With this Travel Buddy, you can be sure that your car will stay perfectly clean, even if your dog was rolling in a muddy puddle right before the trip.

A separate benefit of this dog hammock is its sidewalls. They are extra thickened with a solid insert for secure door protection. So if your dog gets nervous in the car and scratches the doors to get out, you can be sure they will remain undamaged. Plus, the sidewalls are detachable if needed.

Other buyers also praise that the Owleys dog car hammock has a good-looking style, pockets for your doggie’s essentials, and strong metal buckles.

+ Unique middle zipper design

Another game-changing feature of the Owleys dog hammock is its versatile 2-in-1 design with a zipper. The zipper splits this car cover into two parts. So you can easily transform it from a large backseat dog car hammock to a single-seat hammock and save space!

3 Best Pet Seat Covers (2023 Review)
Image: Owleys

If you have a large breed growing puppy, you can use half of this dog hammock first, then put two halves together and get a large hammock. It’s also handy if you occasionally need to save space in the back seat for another passenger. For example, when travelling with your family or friends.

– Not suitable for all vehicles

Owleys specify on its website that this dog car hammock fits most vehicles. But most does not mean all. Thus, this dog car hammock is only suitable for cars with detachable headrests. So it won’t fit the bucket-style car seats.

To find out if the Owleys dog hammock will fit your car model, you will either have to carefully measure your car seats, try to find this info in customer reviews, or contact them personally. At least their support team responds quickly via email!

3 Best Pet Seat Covers (2023 Review)
Image: Owleys

Basics Car Bench Seat Cover For Pets

This is a bench seat car cover from Amazon Basics that has great sales and many positive reviews. Let’s take a closer look at its pros and cons.

+ Great basic option

This dog cover is a good simple seat cover option. It has an adjustable fit and suits most vehicles. The design is also as minimalistic as possible – plain black with no accessories or details.

Made from nylon, this case is very lightweight and thin. It’s waterproof but won’t last long to protect your car, especially if you have a messy and active pet. But still, this is a really good basic option to start with.

3 Best Pet Seat Covers (2023 Review)

+ Cheap price

Unlike the premium Owleys dog car hammock, the Basics seat cover is actually VERY cheap. As we said, this is a good dog cover to start with. But don’t expect anything more than such a low price promises you. It works exactly the same as it costs.

– Low vehicle protection

This car cover is really thin – it has only two layers and is not wear- or tear-resistant. Another important disadvantage is that it only covers your bench seat. While the floor, doors and backrests of the front seats stay unprotected. Keep this in mind if you need a high level of car protection.

Car Back Rear Seat Boot Cover

This is not a cover from any particular brand, but a cover that became popular by the end of this year. It’s a dog hammock for your car’s boot area. Let’s discuss its main characteristics!

+ Comfortable for your pet

Such a car hammock is usually large since it is placed on the entire cargo area. It creates a lot of free space for your pet to move on the road. Especially comfy for large breed dogs and long road trips, when the dog spends a lot of time in the car.

+ Saves space in the car

Since you place your pet in your car boot area, your seats remain free for passengers. And you get plenty of space to comfortably travel with a large family or group of friends. At the same time, your pet also feels comfortable in the back. Perfect scenario!

3 Best Pet Seat Covers (2023 Review)

– Unsafe to use

Crash test results show that to keep your pet safe on the road, you need to fasten it with a belt to the car seat buckle. Such a securing is the most secure and minimizes the risk of injury in the event of sudden braking or a car accident. Please note that you must fasten the belt to your dog’s harness, not a collar – it increases the risk of suffocation.

Unfortunately, the boot space doesn’t allow you to properly secure your dog. What’s more, many cargo areas have no place at all to attach a seat belt to. This makes its use not only unsafe but also really dangerous.

Let’s recap everything we’ve discussed today!

There are three dog hammock car seat covers worth buying in 2023: the Owleys Travel Buddy dog hammock, Basics bench seat cover, and cargo boot cover. All three have their own benefits that made them popular among dog owners. But they also have disadvantages that must be considered when purchasing. We hope you found this information useful and wish you happy road trips!

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