3 Ways To Get More Collagen As A Vegan 

Did you know that collagen is the most abundant protein in the body? I didn’t, and I thought I knew a lot about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It turns out that it’s a central part of our skin, tendons, bones, and ligaments. As I read more, I learned that our bodies start to produce it at a slower rate as we age. After the age of 40, our amount of collagen typically starts to decrease because we produce it slower than the rate at which it breaks down in our bodies.

How can we get more collagen, especially if we are searching for vegan collagen? We’ll look at a few different ways to do that after we get a full understanding of why it is so important.

3 Ways To Get More Collagen As A Vegan

What Are The Benefits Of Collagen?

Imagine how surprised I was to learn that collagen accounts for more than 25% of the protein in our body! Because it is a part of so many organs and systems, it has a lot more benefits than I ever knew. Here are some of the main ones.

It Supports The Health Of Your Skin, Hair, And Nails

3 Ways To Get More Collagen As A Vegan

Collagen’s structure is ideal for supporting the elasticity and hydration of your skin. That’s why you see so many skincare products that feature vegan collagen. These can help with hydration for the appearance of more youthful-looking skin.

Additionally, collagen can benefit the strength of your hair and nails. You might notice your hair and nails becoming more brittle and splitting more often with age. Vegan collagen can support the appearance of healthier, thicker hair and nails.

It Supports Your Bones And Can Help Soothe Joint Pain

Collagen is prevalent in bones and other load-bearing tissues because it has the rigidity to hold its structure while still allowing for some flexibility. These tissues include your tendons and ligaments, which promote movement around the joints.

It Supports Heart Health

3 Ways To Get More Collagen As A Vegan

Collagen can support the health of your arteries and heart. Arteries require flexibility and elasticity to maximize their ability to transport blood. Healthy arteries contribute to healthy blood pressure and a healthy heart.

It Could Have Other Benefits

Some people say that collagen also supports a healthy brain and digestive system. I’ve read much more information about the benefits for my skin, hair, and nails, and that’s the main reason I became interested in vegan collagen. However, you can find articles that talk about the potential for collagen to support a healthy metabolism and weight management.

Some say that glycine, which is part of collagen’s makeup, supports the liver in removing toxins from the body. I have also seen some of the collagen supplements say they work as an immune support booster. Clearly, collagen plays a big role in the proper functioning of our bodies.

How Can I Get More Collagen As A Vegan?

This is the big question and the one I asked myself after reading about all of collagen’s benefits. I was pleased to discover a number of ways to accomplish this. Here are the three easiest ways I came across.

1. Your Diet

Lots of foods can help boost collagen production, including fruits that are high in vitamin C. These might include grapefruits, oranges, and strawberries. Soy products are likely a staple in your diet already, but now you can know you are gaining the added benefit of helping produce collagen. Other foods that can assist in collagen production are cabbage, kale, and spinach.

3 Ways To Get More Collagen As A Vegan

2. Dietary Supplements

If you think you need an extra boost to your normal diet, you can look at supplements. Some supplements specify the types of collagen they contain. There are 28 types, and the five most common are type I through type V. In fact, type I makes up 90% of the collagen in the human body. Before purchasing these, check the label to see if it says Vegan Certified, USDA Organic, Non-GMO, or any other claims you want to consider before taking them.

3. Skincare Products

Outside of ingesting it, you can get more collagen by applying it to your skin. As mentioned earlier, many skincare products contain vegan collagen. That makes perfect sense because the health of your skin, hair, and nails is one of the biggest things that collagen supports. You can find it in lip balm, body cream, eye cream, and many more products.

3 Ways To Get More Collagen As A Vegan


Once I became aware of collagen’s many benefits, I wondered how I could get more of it. Thankfully, there are a few ways to do that through your diet or daily skincare routine. Supplements are also an option if you want to give your body an extra boost of it. This is just a starting point, but these are some of the ways you can get more collagen as a vegan.

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