4 Ways Better Glucose Monitoring Can Change Your Life

Proper glucose monitoring is an essential part of living as a diabetic, but not every monitoring system is created equal. Finding an effective monitoring strategy can help you improve your quality of life while also giving you more freedom to enjoy the activities that you love.

Electronic monitoring systems help you spend less time pricking your fingers and more time enjoying life. If you want to learn about how using a glucose monitoring system can help you manage your diabetes more effectively, keep reading.

1. Better Data Can Give You a Better Life

Keeping tabs on your glucose levels over time allows you and your doctor to develop treatment plans that maximize your control over life. The more data you collect on your body’s response to treatment, the more options you can have when brainstorming treatment plans with your physician. Since many electronic transmitters work with apps on your mobile phone, you’ll always have access to up-to-date information about your medical needs. Finding a device that helps you manage your bio-data can help you improve how you manage your diabetes while also giving insight into how your body responds to various treatment options.

4 Ways Better Glucose Monitoring Can Change Your Life

2. Removable Transmitters Give You More Freedom

Active monitoring systems are a great way to stay informed about your current glucose level, but many of these devices are obtrusive and can be difficult to manage when living an active lifestyle. By using a removable transmitter, you can have more control over how you monitor your disease. Removable transmitters allow you to easily check on your current glucose levels without needing to constantly worry about damaging the device. Using durable, water-resistant sensors like the Eversense® Smart Transmitter gives you the freedom to enjoy life without worrying about your device.

3. Monitoring Devices Lead to Fewer Finger Pricks and Provide Better Information

If you choose to use a glucose monitoring device, you can spend less time with needles and more time living your best life. Not only do these devices provide a less invasive experience, but they also provide more actionable data than traditional monitoring strategies. By using an electronic glucose monitoring system, you can develop a more personalized care system. These devices also give you real-time updates on your glucose levels, so you don’t need to worry about manually checking your health throughout the day.

4. Active Monitoring Is Essential for Reaching Your Fitness Goals

Because physical activity can quickly lower your blood sugar level, using an active monitoring system is important when engaging in strenuous activity. Your diabetes shouldn’t stop you from living an active lifestyle, but it’s important to understand the impact of exercise on your glucose levels. By using a device that continuously monitors your health, you can focus on your workout without stressing about your health.

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