5 Best Spots For After-Work Cocktails in London

See my 5 Best Spots For After-Work Cocktails in London that even Carrie Bradshaw would be all over!

Looking for after-work drinks with something a little extra that the pub on the corner just doesn’t have? How about cocktails for all girls loving Sex and the city vibes in London?

Archer Street Soho

Soho again! This is honestly my top pick. You can’t book for under 6 people so just get there ‪around 7 pm. Archer Street Soho has amazing cocktails and a fabulous whispering angel rose (must try if you’re a rose person).

Waiters and waitresses serve your drinks then out of nowhere stand on the tables and start singing – they are also all amazing. The whole vibe really works and gets super busy in the evening. This is a place where you lose track of time and make friends in the bathroom after too many drinks.

Madison St Paul’s

St Pauls – THE VIEWS. Just amazing Instagram photos! Be sure to go at sunset and sit on the terrace for the best experience. Music is always good and its always busy! You have to dress smart to get in (no trainers, workman boots) but it’s so worth it when you are in.

You can get a giant pornstar martini to share if you are in a group and also snacks if you are outside (or main restaurant inside). I would book if you are not going straight from work, although there are lots of places to stand. It would be good for a birthday or special occasion after work as you can book an area and stay in one place all night.

100 Wardour Street Soho

100 Wardour Street Soho is a fabulous lounge upstairs with sofas and a beautiful bar. They also bost a new summer cocktail menu with style – try ‘like a virgin’ which was my fave.

Downstairs there is live music in the evening after which the tables are removed, turning it into a club. Also, the lighting in the bathroom is perfect for your insta pics. This is the place to go for a ‘one drink’ evening that turns into ‪a 1 am taxi home.

Mr Foggs Tavern Covent Garden

Situated in Covent Garden, Mr Foggs Tavern has every type of gin you can think of and is a themed type place. The theme is built and based on Around the world ‪in 80 days and so there are lots of props to dress up with (hats and such).

My tip? Ask for a table by the window. This is good at any time of the evening but I would recommend this for drinks with your team from work to break the ice.

Radio Rooftop Covent Garden

Found in Covent Garden, Radio Rooftop is one of my favourite places in London. It’s so fun and the cocktails are great (best porn star I’ve possibly ever had).

The place also allows for amazing Instagram pictures and has great service! As an added plus, the bar staff is really fun! This has more of a night out vibe so try to get a table outside even in the winter – the space has heaters and blankets to fight off the chill. For a glam night out type of evening, Radio Rooftop is always a winner.

I hope that my 5 Best Spots For After-Work Cocktails in London list give you some inspiration for your summer nights in the city! Let me know what your favourites are and follow my Instagram to see my experiences at the venues (in my highlights).

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