5 Factors To Consider Before Visiting Montréal

With a youthful energy and some Old World charm, Montréal can be a great place to vacation. That doesn’t mean you should simply hop on a flight and go straight there. Instead, you might want to consider a few factors before visiting Montréal.

They’ll not only make sure you know what you’re doing when you’re there but help you have a much better time. If you’re thinking about vacationing in Montréal, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t factor in a few things first.

Five of these stand out, as they should be more helpful than you’d think.

  1. Some Seasons Are Better Than Others – When you’re considering visiting Montréal, you’ll need to make sure you visit at the right time. Different seasons offer drastically different experiences, with the winter being especially cold. If you’re a fan of the snow, it can be worth going during this time. If not, plan for one of the summer months, which’ll be much warmer.
  2. Get A Rental – Montréal is quite a large place, and there’s plenty of countryside to explore. Public transport mightn’t be the easiest to navigate, and taxis everywhere could be expensive. It could be worth considering a car rental Montréal to get around better and easier.
  3. It’s Bilingual – French is Montréal’s official language, so you’ll need to be prepared for quite a few people speaking it. In fact, not all of the people in Montréal speak French and English, so you might need to pick up on a few common French phrases to get by. With a little bit of effort, this shouldn’t be much of a problem.
  4. “Dep” Means Convenience Shop – If you’re speaking to locals quite frequently, there’s a decent chance you’ll hear the term “dep” tossed around a few times. This simply refers to a convenience shop, usually the local store. You’ll hear many people saying they’re going to nip down to the dep, and it shouldn’t be anything to put off by. Make sure you know it so you don’t get confused.
  5. 5-á-7 Means Happy Hour – Speaking of the local lingo, you can often come across the expression “5-á-7” quite a bit, especially if you enjoy the nightlife. As confusing as this might sound, it’s Montréal’s way of saying happy hour. If you want to enjoy some drink specials or discounts, it’s worth being on the lookout for the expression. Cinq-á-sept would be the French way of expressing it.

Visiting Montréal can be great, no matter whether you’re there for a few days or a week. It boasts quite a few sights, great nightlife, and much more. There’s no reason not to consider taking the time to vacation there.

Make sure you consider a few things before you go there, however. With the various cultural differences between your home and Montréal, you’ll need to be as prepared as possible before visiting the area.

Knowing French is the main language, visiting during certain seasons over others, and knowing some of the local lingo can all be helpful with this.