5 Higher Education Trends To Watch In 2021

Higher education facilities across the world were turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic. Similar to organizations, they scrambled and tried to find the best ways to operate. Technology has played a critical role in this process. Tutors have created a lot of educational videos and shared them with their students to ensure that learning takes place.

Most college and university institutions are now adapting to the new normal as they prepare for unexpected events. As we move forward, you should watch out for the following five higher education trends.

1. Flexible Learning On Essay Law And Hybrid Teaching Will Last

In the past decade, technology has gradually been advancing in higher education. Back in the late 90s, distance learning revolved around students borrowing tapes and submitting their assignments via mail.

Today, distance learning has become normal. And it is here to stay. Learning institutions need to adopt new forms of technologies and integrate them with traditional study approaches for any student to excel. When the pandemic was taking the world by storm, universities started shifting in large numbers to hybrid teaching models.

While most of them were not prepared for this move, they found ways to transition to the new formats successfully. As we move into the future, technology will continue playing an active role in higher education.

5 Higher Education Trends To Watch In 2021

Tutors will be giving online and in-person lectures while students will be seeking studyclerk professional essay writing help, participating in video conferences and classroom meets. Other popular hybrid methods will also boost learning on essay law in colleges and universities.

Tutors and students should continue to expect elasticity in the higher education field. A research study conducted by Salesforce found that students expect more than 50 percent of the courses to be in the digital space. 48 percent of tutors have also invested in newer learning models.

2. Addition Of Sophisticated Technology

Throughout 2020, it has been clear that technology has enabled learning, teaching, research, and administration to take place. In the days to come, higher education facilities will use virtual and augmented reality technologies extensively, advanced learning management systems, and sophisticated platforms for videoconferencing.

Educational facilities will start building robust networks to support technological additions.

5 Higher Education Trends To Watch In 2021

3. Great Buildings And Amazing Campus Experiences

The practices that are in place to promote health in colleges and universities will continue to exist in the years to come. As a result, maintaining clean, healthy, and sustainable buildings will be a top priority. Various technologies such as UV lighting and HVAC systems will be experimented with and integrated successfully.

Other initiatives such as outdoor benches and Wi-Fi will continue staying. Outdoor online learning spaces will also be implemented by most higher education institutions.

4. Remote Exams

The COVID-19 pandemic has created several challenges for colleges and universities when it comes to exams and tests. Online proctoring tried to solve some of these problems. However, it raised a lot of privacy issues.

In the future, educators will continue exploring solutions that won’t violate student privacy or come up with solutions using the current applications. Tutors need to come up with new ways to assess students without using traditional tests. Some have already started using innovative online exam strategies.

5. Prioritizing Student And Staff Wellbeing

According to a study conducted by Salesforce, improving student and staff wellbeing is one of the biggest challenges in the higher education field. The pandemic necessitated quarantine and social distancing measures which led to feelings of isolation among staff and students.

The research study also found that 73 percent of staff and 75 percent of students had a hard time maintaining their wellbeing. Things were tough for most students last year. They experienced emotional stress and anxiety.

Other reports have shown that staff is experiencing high levels of stress and burnout due to longer working hours. Most colleges and universities across the world will prioritize mental health among students and staff while promoting their wellbeing.

5 Higher Education Trends To Watch In 2021


The pandemic has taught most colleges and universities around the world that they must be prepared for anything. From having to learn remotely or with many students deciding it’s time to become a tutor in their off time, the pandemic has changed quite a lot.

The future of the education sector will look different in the years to come. We have all learned that unanticipated events can happen at any time. Technology will continue playing a critical role in education.

Health practices that were necessitated by the pandemic will continue being implemented to ensure that everyone is safe and healthy. All the trends that we’ve discussed in this article will be adjusted into, incorporated, or considered in the years to come by professionals.

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