5 Items You Mustn’t Leave Behind When Going Camping

Imagine this scene – night sky with all-stars aligned in perfect order above you. There’s no city light pollution to ruin the perfection. You’re lying on the mat looking at the sky and occasionally see some meteors passing through in a split second. It’s like a fairy tale.

Camping is one activity that makes people fall in love with nature. We feel how wonderful it is by doing it, but we also need to be aware that it’s not that simple to walk outside our comfy homes and get in the mountains without any equipment.

We need at least a backpack with items that will keep us safe. That’s what we’re talking about in this article. We’re talking about the five crucial items to never forget on your trip if you want to enjoy nature at its best. Take a look at what they are and enjoy yourself in the great outdoors.

1. A Sharp And Handy Knife

5 Items You Mustn’t Leave Behind When Going Camping

The knife in nature is like an extension of your hand. No person ever walked outside without their knife. It’s so valuable that people in the past considered their knives to be the ultimate tool for survival. Take an example from them, and have one too.

Not just any knife will do, though. Prehistoric people didn’t have the technology, so they used sharp stones and wood to create something looking like a knife, but today, you have an abundance of choices. From ordinary stainless steel to outstanding titanium blades with multiple functions.

2. Dry Matches

5 Items You Mustn’t Leave Behind When Going Camping

Dry matches are essential for lighting up the campfire. Another one of those moments worth taking the trip up in the mountains. Sitting by the campfire and looking at the flames gives everyone a feeling of comfort and enjoyment. Take a sip from the coffee and feel how you’re part of nature.

The only issue with nature is that it is unpredictable, and until you get up there to set up camp and light the fire, rain might soak up everything you have. Everything may be ruined, but your matches must stay dry. Place them in a plastic bag, and make sure they are useful. The fire will fix everything after the heavy rain.

3. The Perfect Flashlight For The Occasion

5 Items You Mustn’t Leave Behind When Going Camping

Torches are essential for your trip in the wilderness. If it gets dark and you need something done, there’s no other way but to use a flashlight and see where you’re going. When you take a look at the flashlight market, you’ll find tons of products all similarly looking.

Choose the perfect one. Don’t get one of those cheap models that will last a couple of hours and only give you a few lumens of light. Get yourself the best one because, in a dangerous situation, the flashlight may save your life. Search for the best Ledlenser LED torches and get one with multiple features. You need all of these, from low light to super brightness to SOS light.

4. Enough Water And Energy Bars

5 Items You Mustn’t Leave Behind When Going Camping

Humans need two things to survive – water and food. When you’re going hiking, climbing, mountaineering, mountain biking, or any other type of outdoor activity, you can only take so many items with you. The backpack can’t be heavily oversized, and you have room only for necessities.

If you want to feel amazed by nature, you’ll need to know how to stay well hydrated and never go hungry. Never sacrifice critical supplies like water and food to make room for non-essential items, like coffee makers, cameras, etc. Aside from freshwater, energy bars are the best idea because they are lightweight and provide a lot of energy in a small package.

5. First Aid Kit

5 Items You Mustn’t Leave Behind When Going Camping

Last but not least is the first aid kit. You don’t have to carry a backpack filled with all sorts of drugs that might be useful in the hospital, but a simple kit with the essentials. You may be the most careful person on the planet; you still don’t know what will happen out there.

In the great outdoors, everything’s fantastic, but there’s no calling 911. Even if there is, it might be too late until they arrive. That’s why a first aid kit is a must. The kit may save you in dangerous situations and help you get home safe.


These are the five items you can’t leave your home and go camping without. Always have a knife, dry matches, torch, first aid kit, and basic supplies. Everything else is considered extra.

You may love the taste of fresh coffee in the morning looking at the sunrise sitting on a 200-feet cliff, but if you must leave out some of the things we mentioned above to find room for the coffee brewer, be sure that you’re making a mistake. Pack the basic stuff, and if there’s more room, pack everything else you like.

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