5 Popular Vaping Kits For Beginners

Vaping’s popularity has skyrocketed over the years, especially among young adults. Vaping kits are more accessible to get and simple to use. Not to mention the “cool” factor associated with vaping. Also, vaping is slightly safer than smoking cigarettes and tobacco, making more and more people make the switch.

Vaping is very welcoming to beginners. There are vape kits specifically designed for newbies who want to try out vaping for the first time. There’s a vape kit for every type of vaper, from simple vape devices that resemble a USB or pen to complex and monstrous sub-ohm devices and tanks with customizable coils. So having to choose between getting a Yocan with their legendary Yocan 510 batteries or an Aspire Pockex AIO Vape Kit with its extensive airflow system can be a difficult choice. Especially if you are starting out.

Choosing the suitable vape kit as a beginner will determine your journey into this vast world. It will get a little confusing because you’re new to the world of vaping, but that’s why this guide is there to help. A great starter kit for beginners possesses some of the following qualities:

  • Great battery life
  • Small and compact for portability
  • Simple to use

So, if you’re a beginner searching for a great starter kit, here are the five best vape kits you can find out there.

1. Uwell Caliburn G

The Uwell Caliburn G vape kit is subtle but welcoming. This is an improvement from the last version, which was without a doubt a fantastic vape kit. It offers versatility on a whole other level without skimping on performance either. The Uwell Caliburn G has a larger, long-lasting internal battery with a capacity of 690mAh. The maximum power output is around 15W to increase the intense flavour of your e-liquid.

This new version also possesses a dual airflow system which allows the vaper to select between a tight and more restricted vape similar to a cigarette or a loose and airier vape by simply adjusting your pod direction after inserting it in the mod. Vaping the Caliburn G is pretty straightforward— press the fire button, or you could inhale just like a traditional cigarette.

The pods on this new version have been slightly tweaked to give you a much broader, computable feel when placed on the lips.

The Caliburn G pods are not a closed-coil system, and they can be fitted with two replaceable coils — a 1.0ohm coil that will guarantee a sublime mouth-to-lung sensation and a 0.8ohm coil for more vapour and an airier draw.

2. Vaporesso Swag PX80 Vape Kit

The Swag PX80 pod vape kit from Vaporesso is genuinely a unique vape device. The power output on this vape kit is an impressive 80W packed into a snug but sleek-looking device that will comfortably fit in your palm or pocket.

5 Popular Vaping Kits For Beginners

The beautiful IML screen that’s ‘holographic’ is an excellent addition to this device, and it blends seamlessly into its body. Apart from displaying helpful information on it, it can also be customized to show the choice of colours you want.

This vape kit is fitted with the advanced AXON chip to allow intelligent coil recognition, a 0.001s Insta-fire, and several safety features. The pod, which is included with the Swag PX80, has a Quad Leakage Protection system to help prevent any spills or leaks. You can also use the pod to control the airflow by rotating it to your preferred airflow setting.

3. Smok Vape Pen 22

The Smok Vape Pen 22 is a powerful sub-ohm vape device that offers new vapers affordability and convenience. It’s a slim form-factor vape pen that features a powerful 1650mAh battery and fast USB charging. It’s a great accessory if you’re always on the go and want a hit.

Thanks to the 0.3ohm dual-core mesh coils, this sub-ohm tank gives intense flavours and huge vape clouds. It also features an LED light feedback to help you keep track of its battery life.

To vape with this device, you long-press a single button. Pressing the same button five times will also turn it on and off or show you the remaining battery life if you double-click it.

4. The VPod Pro Refillable Pod Kit

The Vpod Pro is easy to use, especially for beginners, and compact enough to discreetly fit in your pocket or bag. Under the hood of this versatile vape kit, you’ll find a quick-firing and powerful 850mAh battery that provides you with all-day reliability.

5 Popular Vaping Kits For Beginners

The Vpod Pro features an advanced innovative vibration alert system that helps you track your usage daily. Its internal 1.2ohm coil has a dual-core build that delivers terrific flavor. When it’s time to replace the coils, dispose of the pod, and replace it with a brand new one.

5. Aspire Pockex AIO Vape Kit

This is one of the best-selling vape kits globally. The Aspire PocketX All-in-One (AIO) vape kit delivers a tremendous mouth-to-lung punch for such a compact vaping device. Thanks to its pre-installed 0.6ohm coil, which goes excellent with a 50/50 and high PG e-liquid.

5 Popular Vaping Kits For Beginners

It’s a simple, single-button vape kit with a 1500mAh battery that will get you through the day. The Aspire Pockex AIO Vape Kit delivers a great experience while vaping with a large bore drip tip and an extensive airflow system. It also has a top-fill system to help prevent a mess when topping it up with your e-liquid.


The above vape kits are bound to guarantee you a great time, especially if you’re a beginner in the vaping sphere. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little bit to find out what works best for you because no two vapers are alike.

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