How to Easily Find a Great Flavor for Your Vape

Millions of people are reportedly vaping and this is seen as an alternative to smoking cigarettes. Some vapers enjoy the fun of producing huge vapor clouds while others enjoy the different vapor flavors and the limited impact of vaping on the lungs.

However, for many individuals, it is primarily the flavor that they seek from vaping. If you want to get the best out of your e-liquid flavors, there are several options you can consider. Keep on reading to learn how to easily find a great flavor for your vape.

Adjust Temperature and Wattage

How to Easily Find a Great Flavor for Your Vape

Temperature significantly affects the way different things taste. The flavor of e-liquid can react differently at various temperature ranges. The heat settings of your coil play a pivotal role in determining the type of flavor you will get. Flavor chasers often prefer adjustable wattage or voltage devices. Adjusting your temperature settings is the simplest method for improving the flavor you can get from your e-juice.

Various juices produce different flavors since they vary in many ways. Flavorings can vaporize at different temperature settings of the coil. When you have a variable wattage device, you can enjoy a variety of flavors that suit your interests. However, it is a good idea to start out at a lower temperature and adjust it along the way until you achieve the desired flavor. Excessive temperature is not recommended since it negatively impacts the quality of your e-liquid.

Carefully Choose Your Coil

The type of coil you get for vaping plays a huge role in determining the amount of flavor you get from your e-cig. There are different types of vaping coils, as explained on, but your ultimate decision will come down to a matter of personal preference. For instance, pod-style e-cigarettes are beginner-friendly, but the quality you will get mainly depends on the type of device as well as its coil. It is vital to shop around and compare the features and prices since this will help you come to an informed decision.

Other devices have tanks that are designed to support the coils with less than one-ohm resistance. The tanks will boost vapor production, especially when they are used together with coils that have lower resistance. There are several devices you can consider using, but you need to understand their features first if you want to have the best experience possible on your vaping journey.

Fight Vaper’s Tongue

The biggest challenge you are likely to face when you set up your vaping system is known as the “vaper’s tongue.” While different things can cause it, you should view it as some form of flavor fatigue. The extended use of the juice may gradually lose its punch, and you will no longer enjoy the same taste.

To address this challenge, you can change to another flavor for a new taste. Alternatively, you need to drink a lot of water, smell fresh coffee beans, or bite into a lemon to reset your taste buds. Your tongue will need something new if you are concerned about the flavor you get from different types of e-liquids. You also need to try a flavor that is stronger than the one you previously used.  

Limit Airflow

If you are a cloud chaser, then you should know that airflow is your greatest ally. When more air moves within the coil, it will create huge clouds if this is what you enjoy. However, the flavor will suffer indiscriminately if there is too much airflow. The vapor will get less dense which affects the quality of the flavor. If you are a flavor chaser, you need to stop the airflow to retain the taste of the e-liquid.

How to Easily Find a Great Flavor for Your Vape

If your airflow system can be controlled, you will realize that you can even change the flavor. When you close the airflow, vapor can become too hot and this will impact the flavor. It’s best to try different settings since the size of your bore can also make a difference. The width of the vapor chamber can also impact the flavor. Therefore, narrower airflow and average temperature can give you excellent results. It is vital to get the right balance between airflow and temperature. You can achieve this by starting with low airflow and adjusting your setting until you reach the appropriate balance suitable to your taste.  

Below-Coil Airflow

When you shop for a dripping atomizer, you must check the location of the airflow holes since this will determine the vapor flavor. You can get the best results if the air holes are at the bottom of the coil. They will open up the channels to direct the flavor up the mouthpiece for excellent results. Below-coil airflow is the most effective way of enjoying the most out of the vapor flavors from your vaping system. However, make sure you only settle for what works best for you.    

Get a Narrow-Bore Drip Tip

When you choose a vaping device, try to get something with a narrow-bore drip tip. The drip tip plays a major role in influencing the flavor you will get. Modern atomizers and tanks come with large bore drip-tips, but they only lead to greater cloud production, cool vapors, and airer vapes. Therefore, look for an atomizer with a narrower tip that will produce thinner drips which are ideal for producing the best flavor. The flavor will be lost if larger drips are produced by the vaping system.  

Keep Everything Clean

You should keep your vaping system clean if you want to enjoy great taste, in the same way, you clean your glass before pouring beer or any other beverage. Whenever you change your vape juice, it is vital that you rinse your coils, wick, and tank for the best taste. When you vape your juice from a clean system, it will give you the best taste. Disassemble the entire system and rinse it with warm water. Leave it to dry before using it. Replace the old wick and allow the coil to dry before you turn it on.  

Choose Quality Materials

It is imperative that you choose quality material for wicking since it can make a great difference in the type of flavor you will get in the end. Wicks consisting of silica are believed to mute the flavor, but they are common in most e-cigarettes. Cotton is viewed as the best type of wick for vapers. It gives you a clean flavor from the e-liquid, and it is a standard for most atomizer coils. Organic cotton is appropriate for this purpose since it is free of artificial chemicals that can affect your lungs.  

Some vapers prefer ceramic wicks which are said to resist heat and can last longer. You should try different options to see what works for you. However, you need to avoid certain materials like nickel that produce a metallic taste which can adversely impact your vaping experience. You should understand how the different components of your system function to enjoy the best results.    

Use High PG Juices

The PG/VG ratio of your juices can have a huge impact on the flavor of your vape. Cloud chasers will prefer high VG because they fancy the big clouds they will get. However, if you are a flavor chaser, high VG juices are not ideal for you. Additionally, high VG juice offers a semi-tasteless flavor.

Therefore, a juice with high PG has a better flavor although it can be harsher on the throat. A 50/50 ratio between PG and VG offers the best flavor, but remember that what works for someone else might not work for you. Feel free to experiment with different things until you get the best taste. Vapers have different tastes, so there is no one-size-fits-all option here.  

How to Easily Find a Great Flavor for Your Vape

Consider Great Storage for Your Vape

Your e-liquid can impact the flavor of your vape depending on how you store it. For instance, poor storage of e-juice can cause significant degradation of flavor. Therefore, ensure you keep it in a safe, cool, and dry place. The taste of the juice can get better with age like wine. Be sure to reduce the amount of heat and open-air that reach your e-liquids. Before using, carefully read instructions on the package for the best results.

Steeping is something you can try to improve the flavor of your vape over time. Keep the juice in a cool and dark place, and make sure you occasionally shake the bottles. You can also allow your juice to breathe by opening the cap slightly. However, bear in mind that steeping is not meant for every juice. Certain flavors will not give you favorable results if you steep for long periods.  

Finding a great flavor for your vape is easy, but this will come down to your personal taste. These tips can go a long way in helping you find the ideal taste for your e-juices. There are several approaches to try, but your choice depends on your needs. Just trust your taste buds and avoid getting lost in the clouds. When you find a flavor that works for you, be sure to stick with it.