5 Practical Ways To Store Your Clothes Without A Closet

If you’re the kind to constantly follow the latest fashion trends and are put off by the idea of having a limited closet, take heart: There are several ways to streamline and organize your space so that it appears larger. You can discover that tiny closet is actually ideal with the correct organizing supplies, some decorating tips, and a little patience.

Create a useful space to put your clothes if you don’t have a closet or need more closet space. Most DIY closet storage options require a hanging rod, while some call for leaving clothing exposed or hiding it behind a curtain. Here are some ideas for storing clothing in areas without closets.

1. Utilize A Mixture Of Shelves, Rods, And Dressers

5 Practical Ways To Store Your Clothes Without A Closet

A simple dresser, a hanging rod, and shelving can transform an unfinished wall into a functional closet area. You can combine and match these items in numerous ways to meet your space and storage demands. A low dresser will provide you space to hang dresses, pants, and coats over it. Additionally, the top of the dresser can be used to store shoes, handbags, and other articles of apparel and accessories.

2. Keep Clothes Stored Behind A Curtain

Install a curtain rod to conceal your clothing storage if you installed a clothes rod in a wall niche but don’t necessarily want to see your clothes all the time. Choose light-blocking drapes to stop the fading of your apparel caused by the room’s sunshine. Additionally, you can select a fabric color and design that matches the dcor of your room.

3. Use The Space Under And Behind Your Bed For Extra Storage

5 Practical Ways To Store Your Clothes Without A Closet

It’s a great idea to put various goods out of sight, such as clothes and shoes, in the area under a bed. Find some low-lying containers, like baskets, that can slide under your bed. This is a wonderful alternative for shoes and accessories you don’t use frequently as well as out-of-season apparel because these containers won’t be as accessible as drawers or hanging storage are.

Along with the room under your bed, the space behind your bed is also great for stowing away clothing while still making it accessible. Pull your bed and nightstands forward to create a makeshift closet, and then install a clothing rack or rod behind the bed. Give yourself just enough room to go through to get to your clothes. You can further divide this closet area from the rest of the room if you give your bed a tall headboard.

4. Install Pipes As Closet Rods

You can utilize pipes as your clothes rod as part of an unique DIY solution for a temporary closet. Utilizing piping has the advantage of being reasonably priced and versatile in terms of size. If you are not planning to build a freestanding unit, you will also need the plumbing, a pipe cutter and a measuring instrument to secure the piping to the wall. If you’d like to go all out with this storage hack, use it as the starting point for a wall mounted clothes rail

5. Choose White Walls To Reduce Visual Clutter

5 Practical Ways To Store Your Clothes Without A Closet

Even if you keep your clothes arranged, open clothing storage can make a room appear crowded. Paint your walls white as a design tip to reduce visual clutter. Additionally, make an effort to keep the remainder of the room’s design straightforward. In spite of your open closet, this will give the room a sleek modern appearance and calmness.

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