Fashion Week Trends You Could Have In Your Wardrobe

“Every day is a fashion show, and the world is the runway.”- Coco Chanel.

With every fashion week, the industry sets new trends. While some are “too” out-of-the-box creations of artists, others can add stars to your closet.

However, adding the latest fashion week trends to your wardrobe means putting your shopping budget on the back burner. Isn’t it right? Well, that’s not necessary. You can definitely own a lux-pret fashion closet that is both sustainable and affordable.

In this article, we’ll share the clothing trends ruling over the recent fashion week that you can also upgrade your closet with. So, let’s cut to the chase.

Satin Dress

Fashion Week Trends You Could Have In Your Wardrobe

The first trend on our list is the satin slip dress. With this one, you can bring the 90s supermodel look back. These are perfect if you like a minimalist wardrobe. They are a part of sustainable designer dresses because you can wear them on different occasions and in unique ways.

For instance, style the dress with nude heels and gold jewelry if you are going for a dinner date. Likewise, you can add an oversized blazer with it to create a formal look.

Not to forget, satin dresses suit every body type, so you can simply customize your dress and be ready to rock every occasion.

Voluminous Skirt

Fashion Week Trends You Could Have In Your Wardrobe

This trend will surely complement your taste buds if you like to always look extra when going out. Add a statement to your overall look by wearing voluminous dresses or skirts. In simple terms, look for apparel with ruffles and gather detailing. It’ll accentuate your curves yet make you look chic.

Tip: In case you don’t want to wear a dress or skirt, you can look for a crop top with statement sleeves.

Leopard Prints

Fashion Week Trends You Could Have In Your Wardrobe

When it comes to designer clothing for women, prints are timeless; thus, they always create their special place. From jumpsuits to bodycon, you can find them with every clothing style. However, this year leopard print is creating buzz.

Luckily, you can find leopard print fashion apparel in an array of styles quite easily online. However, the clothing material may vary. So, make sure only to buy from the sites that have a good return and exchange policy.

Shimmery Dress

Fashion week is not merely about showcasing the new designs and appreciating the artists; it’s a festival in itself. That said, no festival is complete without glitters and shimmer. That’s why, to upgrade your wardrobe, you must include at least one statement shimmery dress (or a co-ord set, depending on your choice).

Tip: To style something glitzy, go for minimal accessories but bold makeup.


Fashion Week Trends You Could Have In Your Wardrobe

If you think corsets will become outdated, we suggest you think again. Corsets are here and will stay for a long time. So, you must get it. Nevertheless, unlike traditional designs, you can look for corset-detailed tops, shirts, dresses, and more.

You can also look “under corset” and elevate the look of your simple dresses and tops. 

Wrapping It All Up

All these are the trends that fashion week has brought for the upcoming season. Now that you know what’s trending, finding sustainable staples that align with them won’t be so difficult. So, what’s the wait for? Upgrade your closet now!