5 Simple Strategies To Get Creases Out Of Your Clothes Fast!

Picture the following scene: 

You’ve made some plans with friends and are getting ready to go out. All your makeup is done, now all you need is something to wear. You open up your wardrobe and pick out a few items to try on. Hang on a second…they’re all wrinkly and creased. This is when you remember skipping the laundry self-service earlier this week. Everything has embarrassing creases in and you don’t have time to iron them.

What on Earth are You Supposed To Do?

It’s a situation we’ve all been in many times, and the solution is usually a sorry one. You either quickly iron your clothes or end up annoying your friends by being late. Or, you throw on a jacket and cover yourself up so no one sees how creased your clothes are. 

Neither outcome is particularly useful, so how do you avoid situations like this? The only choice is to prevent creases in your clothes – and you may be surprised at how easy this is to do. Here are some simple strategies that’ll leave your clothing items ready to wear whenever you need them: 

5 Simple Strategies To Get Creases Out Of Your Clothes Fast!

Hang Your Clothes Up

Are you a folder or a hanger? Folding your clothes will obviously result in wrinkles and creases, especially if they’re left in your closet for a long time. Ideally, you should hang your clothes up as soon as they’ve been washed. 

Some of you may think this is impossible, given that you don’t have a luxurious walk-in closet with loads of hanger space. If you are restricted, then try to hang up as much as possible. Use one hanger for two things if you can – place a top with a jacket over it to save space. You should also hang things up that are more likely to be worn than others. For instance, hang your winter clothes in winter and fold your summer ones. 

Load Your Washing by Weight

When most of us do our washing, we tend to load things up by colors. The whites go in together, and then the darks have their own wash. You should load your washing by weight as well – this is normally what causes a lot of creases. 

If heavy items are loaded with light ones, the light ones will become heavily creased. This is because the weight of your heavy clothes bears down on them and basically scrunches them up. So, try to load heavy things – like coats, jeans, and pants – with each other. Keep a separate load for the lighter stuff. 

This doesn’t mean you need multiple loads of laundry – use a color catcher so you can wash different colors together with no worries. As such, you only need to sort things by weight from now on! 

Put Your Clothes In a Dryer

Speaking about washing your clothes, what do you do afterward? Do you take everything out and hang it up to dry, or will you put it in a dryer? 

Hanging your clothes out to dry does save energy, but it will mean your clothes get very wrinkled. Washing your clothes is usually what causes the creases because they’re thrown about inside the drum and get all cramped up together. So, if you just hang them up, the creases dry into the items. 

Instead, throwing your things into a dryer will help iron out wrinkles. The heat from a dryer will melt the wrinkles away and basically works like a steamer or iron. When the drying cycle is done, you’ll have much crisper clothes to hang in your closet. 

5 Simple Strategies To Get Creases Out Of Your Clothes Fast!

Hang Your Clothes in the Bathroom While You Shower

This is a really odd-sounding tip, but this calls upon steam to help “iron” your clothes. It’s a good thing to do when you’re getting ready to go out. Pick what you want to wear before showering, then hop in the shower and let the bathroom steam up. 

All of the steam floating around the room will get into your clothes and smooth out any stubborn creases. It’s a great way to finish things off as you prepare to go out, so you aren’t wasting time getting the iron out. Of course, be sure the clothes are hanging somewhere away from the shower. You don’t want water to splash onto them and leave you with another last-minute outfit nightmare! 

Use a Steamer For a Last-Second Touch-Up

If you don’t have a shower or can’t find a suitable place to hang your clothes without them getting wet, then consider buying a steamer instead. 

This works like an iron but with ten times more convenience. You don’t need to get the ironing board out or wait ages for it to heat up. There’s also no risk of accidentally burning your clothes – which can happen with an iron, especially when you’re in a rush. 

5 Simple Strategies To Get Creases Out Of Your Clothes Fast!

Simply get your steamer and apply the hot air to your clothes while they hang up. You’ll see the wrinkles melt away, leaving you with perfectly straight and neat clothes. In most cases, when you’re at home, all of the previous tips should mean a steamer isn’t necessary. However, we included it here because it’s a key tip when you’re away from home. 

If you’re staying at a hotel for a wedding, or you’re visiting friends somewhere, carrying a portable steamer makes your life much easier. Particularly as your clothes will be folded in a suitcase or bag, meaning they’re very creased. 

After reading all of these strategies, creased clothes will be a thing of the past. Making a few small changes to how you wash or store your clothes will prevent wrinkles. Now, when it’s time to choose an outfit with minimal notice, you’ll have a closet full of things that are ready to wear. 

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