5 Stunning Private Island Resorts That Represent The Pinnacle Of Luxury

We all love a good vacation, but sometimes settling for a noisy mainland coastal resort can feel a bit like you’re selling yourself short. There’s a reason the island getaway has become such a prevailing image when we think of the perfect vacation: the seclusion, the security, the idyllic landscape for relaxation… Factors which become all the more important when you’re rich and famous.

Here are some of the best private islands for getting away from it all, that represents the pinnacle of luxury.

Laucala Island, Fiji

Laucala Island is the quintessential tropical island, boasting white-golden sands, azure seas, and coconut plantations nestled in amongst the rainforests. This island is geared towards the luxury experience, with a secluded 18-hole championship golf course accessible to the 25 villas dotted around the island. There is even a private airport, to which you could charter a private jet direct for the perfect high-luxury arrival. The island also boasts a spa, plant nursery, farm, and boats for quiet enjoyment of the Pacific Ocean; what’s not to love?

Necker Island, British Virgin Islands

5 Stunning Private Island Resorts That Represent The Pinnacle Of Luxury

Necker Island is world-famous for being the property of international businessman and celebrity billionaire Sir Richard Branson. The island is a magnet for celebrity presence, having hosted the likes of President Barack Obama and Princess Diana in its 40-plus-year history as a private getaway.

Thankfully, you don’t need to be an A-lister to make the grade. Staying at Necker costs $105,000 per night for up to 40 guests, with a range of amenities available – from the endless pools and hot tubs to the watersports and impromptu tennis tourneys.

Velaa Island, Maldives

The Maldives is already a supremely popular destination for that exclusive, far-flung getaway feel – but Velaa Island really takes the exclusivity to the next level. The South-Asian Island republic is best-known in tourism terms for its stilted bungalows, which provide unmatched access to incredible shores. Velaa Island combines the traditional Maldives experience with the trappings of luxury resorts, offering a golf course and holistic spa as well as the best food in the Indian Ocean.

Banwa Island, Philippines

The Philippines is another Asian island destination with a real reputation amongst vacationers. Between the culture and the climate, the islands offer an unforgettable place to get away. Banwa Island sits out from Tumarong Bay in Palawan, representing one of the most exclusive island resort vacations money can buy.

Banwa Island is six hectares of private island bliss; its location in marine-protected waters makes it the perfect place to indulge in snorkeling or diving, while land-lubbers can improve their short game on the island’s secluded nine-hole golf course.

Islas Secas, Panama

5 Stunning Private Island Resorts That Represent The Pinnacle Of Luxury
Image: Islas Secas

Lastly, the Islas Secas is a collection of islands in the Gulf of Chiriqui, off the south-western coast of Panama. With one of the 14 islands being the location of the resort and accommodation, the other 13 are untouched sanctuaries for local wildlife – making for incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to meet endemic and endangered tropical species. The waters surrounding the Central American archipelago are also perfect for fishing.

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