Take A Look Inside Richard Branson’s Necker Island

Following the devastating effects of the 2017 hurricane season had on Necker Island, the private getaway has been restored and is open once again. Richard Branson’s Island, as it is affectionately referred to, is a spectacular private island situated in the beautiful British Virgin Islands.

Set on a picture-perfect private island, the resort offers the ultimate in seclusion, white sandy beaches, luxury accommodation, water-sports and world-class service. We take a look at what makes this paradise island our top luxury island getaway.

Necker Island’s Beaches

Situated in the Caribbean, the British Virgin Islands offer some of the most pristine beaches natural beauty in the world. The white sandy beaches, lush growth and crisp-clear water results in the ultimate picture-perfect island getaway. Although Necker Island has beachfront access all around, the island has two main beach areas. Main Beach is where most of the water activities are based. The more secluded Turtle Beach, lined with palm trees, cool breezes and hammocks offer the ultimate spot to relax, soak up the sun and hear the waves lapping at the beach.

The Great House

Richard Branson's Necker Island Beaches The Great House
Richard Branson's Necker Island Beaches The Great House

The island has a great selection of accommodation with the Great House being at the top of the ‘pile’. Situated on the highest point of the island, the luxury home offers jaw-dropping views of the island, beaches and the iconic corral-reef strewn oceans. With such a wide array of facilities, the home can turn from the ultimate party spot into the most secluded break-away holiday destination on earth.

With wraparound terraces with hammocks and sofas, it’s a struggle to break yourself away to even visit the beach! The easy-living design of the house allows for a natural flow from the interior to exterior.

Up on the roof, you’ll find a cosy four-person Jacuzzi – perfect for sipping champagne as you watch the sunset.

Not only does the Great House offer every amenity you can think of, including the ever-important fully stocked bar, but the decor has been carefully designed to allow you to indulge in ultra-luxury while having a relaxed environment where you just want to lounge around in the cool fresh air. Rather than perched on the hill, the house is nestled in the escarpment, blending the luxurious refinement with the natural beauty of the island.

The Great House’s Bedrooms

The Great House offers an impressive 10 bedrooms ensuring that no matter how large your group there is more than enough space. Although, we should say that the bedrooms really are suites. Each of these large rooms has a balcony and all come with king-size beds and en-suite bathrooms. Luxuriously appointed, nothing beats a lie down on the crisp white linen while looking out over the beautiful ocean and hearing the waves crash down below.

There is also a bunk room that can accommodate up to six children comfortably. The most spectacular room is, of course, the amply sized Master Suite. Situated on the upper level, the Great House’s Master Suite offers a wrap-around balcony, large sitting area, private outdoor Jacuzzi and sundeck.

The Beach House

Situated between the island’s two tennis courts and the Main Beach, the Beach House is a great place for leisure and sporting activities. There is space for games tables and boasts an enormous 26-foot sofa. The Beach House also has an impressive bar that is perfect for a cool refreshing drink when stepping right off the beach.

Bali Lo Complex

Richard Branson's Necker Island Bali lo and pool

The Bali Lo complex consists of three sections, Bali Lo, Bali Buah and Bali Kukila. The complex has been built in the middle of the island and has a large private pool that offers spectacular views of the island and ocean. Bali Lo is a two-tiered Balinese house with a lounge on the ground floor and the bedroom is above it on the first floor. Bali Buah is adjacent to Bali Lo and features a large balcony with seating and a hammock. Bali Kukila is a spacious room with views out to the sea and a spectacular private terrace.

Leha Lo

Nestled high above the rocks and a short walk down from the Great House, Leha Lo is a private standalone room with stunning 180-degree sea views and features a wraparound terrace with daybeds.

Necker Island’s Beach Pool

Richard Branson's Necker Island beach pool
Richard Branson's Necker Island beach pool

Arguably one of the most jaw-dropping features on Necker Island is the Beach Pool. The atmosphere can really only be experienced and will be impossible to try and describe other than “otherworldly”. It is a tranquil haven that feels so far removed from life that you can’t help but forget about stress and life’s troubles.

Conveniently situated next to the Beach House, the Beach Pool has a freeform infinity pool complete with a swim-up bar that is so impressive it would not look out of place at a mega-resort. As if the thatched Crocodile Pavilion with its large solid teak crocodile table is not enough to make you want to scream ‘ultimate island holiday’ then the Jacuzzi right on the beach sure will. Although, like most things on Necker Island, it’s not just your average “Beach Jacuzzi”. Other than the incredible view, this beach jacuzzi has enough space for more than 30 people! Definitely no awkward knee touching here.

Dining On Necker Island

Dining at the Great House

As much as atmosphere and luxury, the staff here sees the dining experience as important, if not more. The Great House offers a wide range of dining spaces throughout its layout. The formal dining room inside offers great views with a wonderful atmosphere at night thanks to the combination of rich wood tones and dim lighting.

Should you wish to take in the natural beauty of the island for an early dinner, why not meet at the bar for cocktails and then head up to the roof where you can enjoy a world-class fine dining experience as you watch the sunset on the Caribbean sea.

Dining at the Beach Pavilion

For a more casual dining experience, the Beach Pavilion offers two dining facilities. We would suggest the indoor area for lunch. The large wood table that can seat up to 40 guests, offers a great view over the tennis court and is perfect for a relaxed lunch between activities. For a romantic or the perfect island dining experience, the staff can set up a table right on the beach. There really is something truly magical about a fine dining experience right on the beach, under the palm trees, with string lights, lanterns and torches offering atmospheric lighting throughout the evening.

Dining at Turtle Beach

Having dinner or lunch at Turtle Beach is perfect for leisurely dining. The Island usually organise a sailing race around the island which ends at Turtle Beach for a drink and either a picnic-style or BBQ style lunch. The beach has some incredible snorkelling spots and is a great place to spend the entire day in a completely relaxed environment with an abundance of activities available.

Dining at the Floating Sushi Bar

Richard Branson's Necker Island Dining at the Floating Sushi Bar

You are lounging around in a tropical paradise, floating in the cool refreshing waters of the Main Pool with not a care on your mind. You wish that you never have to leave, and then, hunger strikes. Or worse, you’re peckish! Now it becomes an internal struggle of “should I leave the pool and go find food? Is it really worth the effort?”. As with most things, the Island’s staff has thought ahead.

The only thing bad to say about the floating sushi bar is that you can get used to it very quickly and it ruins any other pool experience. But seriously, every pool in the world should have this! As you float, debating whether to make, what feels like, the most unnecessary trip imaginable, a floating kayak filled with ice, packed with an endless buffet of sushi and decorated with beautiful flowers float by. Yes, that’s correct, the chefs float the kayak down the Beach Pool and are there to tell you what decadent rolls and sashimi they have prepared. Definitely our idea of paradise.

Wildlife on Necker Island

The island is a treasure trove of luxury and natural beauty. But what makes this large private island so special is that it is a living and thriving ecosystem. Exploring the island you are sure to bump into some permanent residents who enjoy the natural fauna and flora.


Richard Branson's Necker Island Wildlife lemurs

A great experience is to ask the friendly team to introduce you and arrange a feeding time with some of these natural inhabitants. Sir Richard Branson has a passion for trying to help preserve endangered species of Madagascan lemur. As a result, there are over 60 lemurs on the island. These include six different species including ring-tailed lemurs, three species of brown lemurs and two sub-species of ruffed lemurs. 

The lemurs are in enclosures all around the Beach House and tennis courts so you can visit them every day.


Richard Branson's Necker Island Wildlife flamingo

At salt pond just next to Bali Hi Beach you will find the Flamingos. Although these beautiful birds were once widespread throughout the Caribbean, their numbers fell drastically. Necker Island started a breading program with only six Caribbean flamingos in total. Currently, the Island boasts with well over 250 Roseate and Caribbean flamingos and numbers are still growing. The island hopes to establish a breeding ground to repopulate the Caribbean with this once widely spread, stunning bird.

Scarlet Ibis

Richard Branson's Necker Island Wildlife scarlet ibis

The island plays host to two species of the graceful Ibis family. These include the striking Scarlet Ibis and the White Ibis. These birds used to be native to these parts almost 100 years ago. Unfortunately, they were hunted to local extinction. With their reintroduction, the programme aims to repopulate the area with these fascinating birds.

Giant Tortoises

Richard Branson's Necker Island Wildlife tortoise

It is just impossible not to fall in love with these magnificent creatures! The island houses nine Aldabra giant tortoises. The best place to look for these beautiful creatures on the road leading to Bali Lo.


Richard Branson's Necker Island Wildlife Iguana

These ‘Island Dragons’ are completely endemic to the British Virgin Islands, specifically on the neighbouring island Anegada, where they were re-introduced in the early 1980s. The Rock or Stout iguana grow up to over 6ft long!

Necker Island

Necker Island is truly a paradise. It found the perfect balance between nature and refinement. Between sumptuous luxury and unpretentious relaxation. Its adaptability allows it to mould to your needs. whether you want to book it as your ultimate party pad for you and your 40 closest friends or an escape for you and your family to break away from everything, the island truly has it all.

For more information and to book at Necker Island click here.

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