5 Uniquely Designed Casinos Worldwide

Despite the rising popularity of video games, casinos are still a popular form of entertainment around the world. Plus, now that the average person owns a smartphone, online casinos have also become popular, too.

There are several reasons why casinos are still loved. For example, they provide people with a great platform for escapism. It’s easy to lose yourself in the thrill of poker, slots, and roulette for hours on end. On top of this, casinos are also great for socializing with friends and partners – and certainly, make for an entertaining alternative to watching Netflix at home.

Interestingly, another key attraction point of casinos is how they are designed. Casinos are usually designed in very luxurious and engaging ways, so let’s take a look at the best, most uniquely designed casinos worldwide:

1.   Online Casinos

5 Uniquely Designed Casinos Worldwide

Over recent years, online casinos have really upped their design game. Now, when you enter an online casino, you’ll usually be greeted by amazing animations and attractive colour schemes, from golden brown to dark blue and red.

The reason why online casinos have started to focus on design more is that it helps to replicate the feel and experience of a land-based casino. Basically, they want it to feel like you’re actually in a real casino – which is very hard to do through a smartphone or tablet screen.

However, many online casinos have managed to achieve this, such as Jackpot Jill and Casino Chan. If you enjoy playing in online casinos – or want to start today – check out the best online casino bonuses to get the most out of your experience.

2.   Caesars Palace

5 Uniquely Designed Casinos Worldwide

The design of the Caesars Palace casino – made famous by The Hangover movie – is incredibly easy on the eye. Inside, it’s very spacious with lots of tables – from poker to baccarat – spread out in an almost symmetrical way. The colour scheme is a blend of gold and dark yellow, which helps to create a feeling of luxury. Additionally, miniature lights are spread equally throughout the ceiling, which ensures that each section of the floor is well-lit for players.

3.   The Ritz Club

The Ritz Club – as the name suggests – is one of the fanciest (and best-designed) casinos that the world has to offer.

Inside the Ritz Club casino, the floor is covered by a luscious red carpet. In the centre of the room is a large chandelier that helps to keep each individual table nice and visible for players to see.

Compared to Caesars Palace, the Ritz Club is slightly smaller in size. However, it still offers players a wide range of games to choose from, no matter what their preferences are.

4.   Casino de Monte Carlo

The Casino de Monte Carlo was first designed all the way back in 1858 by Gobineau de la Bretonnerie, a Parisian architect. Since then, the Monte Carlo has maintained its classic design, blending the perfect mixture of blue and dark gold throughout the interior.

Classic 4-leg chairs are used at the card tables. Then, throughout the rest of the casino, you can access machine-operated games – such as slots – that provide players with smaller (but more modern) leather seats.

5.   The Bellagio

5 Uniquely Designed Casinos Worldwide

Finally, there’s The Bellagio.

The Bellagio is one of the most visited casinos in Vegas each year – and it’s largely due to the interior design.

Compared to previously mentioned casinos, The Bellagio has a slightly more modern and ‘relaxed’ design in order to appeal to a broader audience. Inside, there are lots of flashing lights from the different machines, coupled together with marble (as well as carpet) flooring. The Bellagio is also incredibly large, which makes it perfect for people who want to spend the entire day there.

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