5 Ways To Make Your Man Think Of You Through Text

Do you feel lost when it comes to communicating with your partner? Do you feel like you are on the losing side when it comes to winning him over?

Romance in this modern era can be quite tricky. But, there’s a strategy you can use to make sure that you’ll solidify your place in his mind. 

Especially with technology, numerous social media platforms and dating apps have changed the way people communicate and manage their relationships. 

But, the art of texting is not dead. Using texts strategically can make your partner think about you all day. But, there are a few things you have to do to prepare.

The first step you need to make is to ensure that you don’t seem too available. Do not answer his calls or texts right away. Furthermore, please do not leave your schedule wide open for him. 

When you make it look like you make yourself readily available for him every single time, you are telling him that he can have you whenever and wherever he wants.

Second, do not make yourself appear desperate for his time and attention. For example, avoid spamming him with redundant calls and texts. Doing these things will surely scare him away.

If there comes a time when you send him a message, and he doesn’t reply immediately, or if you call and he does not answer, do not be frustrated. There is a significant chance that he’s just busy. Give him time to respond, and consider setting your phone aside as you focus on other tasks.

Now, you can scroll below for more information on how you can make him think about you all day. So, if you want to know more, you can check out some thinking of you messages for him here in the list provided below.

Types of Texts You Can Send

5 Ways To Make Your Man Think Of You Through Text

You can send text messages to your man to make him think about you all day. Indeed, you will not run out of options because there are five categories you can choose from:

  • sexy
  • romantic
  • cute
  • fun
  • witty

Let’s take a quick look at each one and some of their examples.

Sexy Texts

These texts are meant to appeal to your man on a sexual level. Thus, if you are not yet at the point wherein, you can be intimate with him. It’s best not to use these texts.

Saucy messages should be fun for both of you. It’s not a desperate last-ditch effort if you feel like your man is already slipping away. 

Some examples of sexy texts include the following:

  • I have a present for you, remind me to give it to you the next time you come over
  • I bought something that you might like. When are you free?
  • If we were together right now, we’d be doing something pretty interesting.

Romantic Texts

5 Ways To Make Your Man Think Of You Through Text

Suppose you want to make him feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. Or, if you are in the mood to melt his heart, romantic texts are the best option for you. 

Here are some examples:

  • Can I call you during my break? I miss the sound of your voice. 
  • I miss your smile and your voice. I can’t wait to be with you.
  • I’m wearing your shirt today. It reminds me of you, and I hope to be with you soon. 

Cute Texts

If your relationship is in the early stages, cute texts may be the best option. Cute texts allow you to look cheerful and engaged. 

Here are examples of cute texts you can send to your man:

  • Every person at work keeps asking me why I look so happy. I can’t seem to stop smiling every time you text me. 
  • Hey! I hope you are killing it at work today! 
  • I heard my favourite song today, and it reminded me of you!

Fun Texts

These kinds of texts show a lot about your personality. For example, each person has a different type of humour, so check out what makes him smile and laugh. 

These texts are also intended to catch his interests without relying too much on flirting or romance. 

Here are some examples:

  • Sending him jokes or memes
  • I’ve got a great idea, I challenge you to a match later, and the loser pays for dinner. How does that sound?
  • If you can guess my current location, I will give you something special when we meet. 

Witty Texts

According to research, men become more competitive when women are playing hard to get. This is an old strategy wherein men give into their chasing instincts. 

However, this one is not often recommended to be used because it can be pretty tricky. In addition, the risk of pushing him away can be pretty high. 

There are also instances where it can be manipulative and dishonest, which are not good foundations for building a relationship. 

Here are some examples you can use:

  • I miss you terribly, and I want to see you soon, but I’m pretty busy this week. I will let you know once my schedule allows us to meet. 
  • I’d love to hang out, but I already made plans with friends. But, we can do a date next time where it’s just you and me. 
  • I’ll have to take a raincheck this weekend. We can always hang out another time!

Text Him to Think of You

5 Ways To Make Your Man Think Of You Through Text

With the options listed above, you can start sending him a text message to make him think about you all day. 

You can intrigue him by using cute and fun texts. You can make him feel special by sending romantic and sexy ones. Or, you can try using a push-and-pull method by sending witty texts.

More than the texts you will be sending him, make sure that your attitude and behaviour align with your true self and intentions. 

Remember that even if you send the correct text at the right time, the wrong behaviour or attitude will surely turn him off.

Whatever the way, the main goal is to get your man.