6 Important Things You Didn’t Know About Portugal

Portugal is one of a kind. Every city in this fascinating country has a proud history, from the bustling capital to its small, picturesque villages. However, it is also a nation that has embraced modernity and has its eyes firmly looking to the future. If you are curious about this beautiful country and want to know more, you have come to the right place! In this post, you will learn about six interesting things about Portugal that you probably didn’t know.

Investing Can Help You Gain Residency

6 Important Things You Didn't Know About Portugal

Portugal is a country that has been on the rise in recent years. It has made a significant difference in its economy and business environment. Portugal is one of the most business-friendly countries in Europe, with a high degree of transparency, low corruption, and low taxation. Portugal’s economic growth is also one of the highest in all of Europe. The country has many incentives for new businesses to set up shop, including an easy-to-navigate bureaucracy. 

There are also many benefits for ex-pats looking to start a new life in Portugal, including the possibility of permanent residency after five years of living here. Once such a program they have established to great success, is their golden visa program. A Portugal Golden Visa enables investors to put their money where their mouth is and set up a business. After enough time in the country, you can set up a business, become a resident, and even a citizen if you meet the requirements. There are even situations where you can apply for tax breaks for the first ten years of operations, significantly increasing your bottom line. 

However, outside the business realm, the main draw is its high quality of life, low cost of living, and extraordinarily delicious food!

It Has Some Of The Largest Waves In The World

6 Important Things You Didn't Know About Portugal

Portugal has almost 500 miles of coastline that sits directly on the Atlantic ocean. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising to hear that it is home to some of the largest waves in the world, thanks to the tempestuous nature of the Atlantic. Its location makes it a popular destination for surfers and beachgoers around the globe. It is also the site of the world’s largest wave ever recorded.

In 2011, professional surfer Garrett McNamara jumped on his board in the coastal town of Nazare and proceeded to set a world record. He surfed a 78-foot wave that forever changed the course of history for this sleepy little town. It has now become the go-to place for thrill-seekers looking to match or beat this, as of now, undefeated record.

They Produce Most Of The Worlds Wine Corks

6 Important Things You Didn't Know About Portugal

Here’s one that you might not know, Portugal is one of the world’s largest cork industries. The Portuguese cork industry has a long history, which started in medieval times and was developed through time. The cork industry in Portugal is one of the oldest industries in the country. The cork forest is located in the north of Portugal, which is why it is among the most important natural resources for the country. 

However, the cork industry is facing some challenges these days, such as increased competition from other countries and environmental concerns. Moreover, as the world begins to switch from traditional methods of keeping wine fresh to modern options, it looks like the industry will decline significantly over the next few decades. Nevertheless, there will always be a market for wine purists who insist that natural cork is vital to the whole wine experience.

The City Of Lisbon Is One Of The Oldest In Western Europe

6 Important Things You Didn't Know About Portugal

In addition to being among the oldest cities around the globe, Lisbon is also among the oldest cities in Western Europe. The city even predates more well-known capitals such as London, Paris, and Berlin by centuries. From the 5th century until the 8th century, it was ruled by various Germanic tribes before being captured by the Moors.

It has become an important center of political, economic, and cultural life in Portugal since its reconquest by the Crusaders under Afonso Henriques in 1147. In contrast to most capital cities, Lisbon was never formally recognized as Portugal’s capital by statute or in writing. 

Portugal Is Home To One Of The World’s Oldest Universities

The University of Coimbra is the oldest in the world and was founded in 1290. Located in Coimbra, Portugal, It now stands as a testament to medieval enlightenment and is designated a UNESCO world heritage site. It was founded by King Dinis, one of Portugal’s most remarkable literary and agricultural benefactors, but still operates to this day. It currently has over 20,000 students learning various subjects, mainly in the arts and engineering.

Lisbon Was Hit By One Of Europe’s Most Powerful Earthquakes

In 1755, Lisbon was hit by one of the largest earthquakes ever to strike the European continent. Accounts indicate it was a magnitude 9, placing it right up there in terms of ferocity. It was so powerful that it induced a tsunami that, along with fire, ravaged the city and reduced it almost to rubble. According to some reports, over 200,000 people died, and around 80% of the city was destroyed.

In fact, it was such a famous event that it was referenced by Voltaire in his well-known work, Candide. So taken by the event, Voltaire also wrote a poem about it, lamenting how cruel God could be towards his own creations. 

Why Visit Portugal?

6 Important Things You Didn't Know About Portugal

Now that you have read some interesting facts about this great nation, you are probably considering a trip. Portugal is a popular destination among travellers with its diverse culture and architecture. It has a wide array of natural beauty, from the beaches to the mountains. You can also explore cities like Lisbon and Porto, which are filled with history and culture.

It has a beautiful atmosphere and offers a wide range of scenery, from beaches in the world-famous Riviera to ancient forests containing deciduous trees in the North and evergreen trees in the South. It is the kind of country that offers everything for everyone. So, whether you are looking for cheap flights to simply go and soak up the sun for the weekend or looking to charter a private jet for a summer holiday, this country truly has it all.

Portugal is a land of romantic ruins, passionate getaways, and some of the most unspoiled beaches in Europe. However, it is also home to high-speed trains, ancient universities, and some of the most business-friendly environments in the EU. Visiting Portugal is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience that everyone should make it onto their bucket list.