How To Know When A Wine Is No Longer Drinkable?

Wine lovers everywhere will agree that there’s nothing better than enjoying a nice glass of good quality wine, especially with a meal with friends and family, at home, or on a special evening out. If you’re passionate about wine, you may have discovered your favourite types of wine, wineries, and the right place to buy them.

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How To Know When A Wine Is No Longer Drinkable?
  • Firstly, the expiry dates of wine depend on the type of wine. Some bottles are designed to be drunk within a period of about a year, while others are produced specifically to be stored away for up to 10 years, as their taste will only improve over time, which is great news if you have a wine cellar.
  • In general, most mid-range bottles have a life expectancy of 2 or 3 years from the date of release.

Unopened Bottles

How To Know When A Wine Is No Longer Drinkable?
  • Storage is key when it comes to maintaining the quality of unopened bottles.
  • Top tips include storage in a cool environment, lower than the average room temperature, and away from direct sunlight which can have seriously damaging effects on your wine.
  • Another trick is to store your bottles in the correct position. A sideways position will make sure the wine stays up to the cork which is important to prevent the wine from drying out or from any oxygen being able to enter.
  • If you don’t have the wine cellar of your dreams or space in your garage, it could be worth investing in a small wine refrigerator to ensure that those special bottles are still good when you open them for a special occasion. 

Opened Bottles (White Wines)

How To Know When A Wine Is No Longer Drinkable?
  • To understand the time frames for consuming opened bottles of wine, this will vary according to the type and the way in which you choose to conserve opened bottles.
  • Opened bottles of white wine can be happily stored in the fridge with a cork or standard bottle stopper and it will still be good for up to a week.
  • You’ll know immediately when you open it to pour the next glass, simply by the taste.
  • Over time, especially with exposition to too much oxygen, white wine can turn to vinegar.

Opened Bottles (Red Wines)

How To Know When A Wine Is No Longer Drinkable?
  • It’s slightly more complicated when it comes to red wine. Certain types are more sensitive to exposure to oxygen than others.
  • How long they remain drinkable will depend on the quality of the wine and also the year it was produced.
  • As a general rule of thumb, you can consider a 3-day window for finishing the opened red.
  • Remember that you will be able to taste the difference easily, which may be simply a less intense taste than when it was first opened, or in more serious cases, an unpleasant, acidic, or vinegary taste.
  • Use your other senses too, to avoid any unnecessary tasting, a change in smell or colour will give you a hint that it’s too late.

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