6 Must-Visit Pigeon Forge Attractions

A cozy little town in the foothills of the great smoky mountains, Pigeon Forge is the perfect family vacation spot. Situated in eastern Tennessee, it is home to a wide variety of amusement parks, hotels, restaurants, hiking trails, and much more.

To make your visit to Pigeon Forge all that more memorable, we have compiled a list of seven must-visit attractions.

1. The Island In Pigeon Forge

6 Must-Visit Pigeon Forge Attractions

The Island sits at the very top of our must-visit locations in Pigeon Forge. With countless affordable activities for people of all ages, it offers a little something for everyone. Surrounded by the Smokies, the island houses several shops, eateries, and rides, amongst which the Great Smoky Mountain Wheel is perhaps the most renowned.

The 200 feet tall glass Ferris wheel provides breathtaking views of Pigeon Forge and the stunning Smoky Mountains. SkyFly America, a recent addition to the Island, is a flying theatre allowing visitors to fly over some of the most iconic sites in America.

If you want to make your trip to Pigeon Forge truly memorable, then a trip to the Island Pigeon Forge is a must.

2. Dollywood

Dollywood is a theme park that offers a variety of attractions and entertainment options for visitors of all ages. Some of the park’s main attractions include roller coasters, live musical performances, and traditional crafts and foods of the Smoky Mountains region of Tennessee. Additionally, the park is known for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere and commitment to preserving and showcasing the culture and history of the area.

The theme park perfectly encapsulates the southern charm, offering 50 fun rides spread over 150 acres. The Dollywood splash country water park is situated right next to the Dollywood theme park. This waterpark is a must-visit, operational from May to September.

3. The Old Mill Square

Dining, shopping, and hospitality—Old Mill Square is your one-stop shop for everything. Planning to visit Mill Square? If you’re a foodie, don’t forget to check out the Old Mill Restaurant. It offers the finest family-style Southern meals to satisfy your taste buds. You can also visit the Old Mill Pottery House Café & Grill for a flavorful experience. From fried chicken to fancy steaks, they’ve got it all. Have a sweet tooth?

The Old Mill Candy Kitchen is the perfect spot to pacify all your cravings. Don’t forget to visit the Old Mill Pigeon River Pottery and the Old Mill General Store to pick out some local delicacies and beautiful artwork.

4. Great Smokey Mountains National Park

6 Must-Visit Pigeon Forge Attractions

The Great Smokey Mountains National Park, the most visited national park in the United States, receives over 12.5 million visitors annually. The park is known for its diverse flora and fauna, as well as its beautiful mountain vistas and hiking trails. It also offers a wide range of outdoor activities with multiple hiking trails, zip lines, backpacking options, fishing, rafting, horseback riding, and wildlife viewing. The park was established in 1934 and was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983.

5. Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster

Welcome to the longest downhill roller coaster ride in the country! The track is over a mile long, and the coasters allow both single and double-person ride options. The rider has complete control over the speed and can go up to 27 mph for an exhilarating experience. The coaster is also equipped with rain shields, and the wonderful braking system is easily adaptable to all weather and so is operated all year round.

The mesmerizing LED lights added throughout the track give an awesome night ride experience! Certain age and height restrictions may apply but be sure to check out this state-of-the-art downhill coaster experience.

6. Titanic Museum

6 Must-Visit Pigeon Forge Attractions

This one is a dream come true for all the Titanic fans. The museum is designed to look like the Titanic itself and features exhibits and artefacts that give visitors an idea of what it was like to be on board the ship. Some exhibits include a replica of the ship’s grand staircase, a life-size recreation of the ship’s bridge, and interactive exhibits that allow visitors to experience what it was like to be on the ship during its fateful voyage.

Once you board this museum, you’ll be handed actual boarding passes, a replica of the ones given to the passengers of the RMS Titanic. On reaching the Memorial Room, the fate of the name on your boarding pass is revealed. All in all, it’s one of the most exciting museums in Pigeon Forge.

The museum also has a collection of artifacts recovered from the Titanic’s wreckage, including personal items belonging to passengers and crew.


Q1: Why do they call it Pigeon Forge?

A1: The name comes from an iron forge constructed by Isaac Love around 1820. The name of the forge takes root from the Little Pigeon river that flowed along its length. This area is now referred to as the Old Mill.

Q2: What movie is based in Pigeon Forge?

A2: A long list of movies was filmed across the landscape of Pigeon Forge. Namely, Hollywood to Dollywood (2011), Heartsong (1995), Girl in Woods (2016), and many more.

Q3: How much does riding the Ferris wheel on the Island of Pigeon Forge cost?

A3: The price for an adult ticket (age 12+) is USD 15.00, and USD 10.00 for a child ticket. Entry to Pigeon Forge Island is free of cost.


Pigeon Forge receives thousands of visitors every year. With the rapidly expanding tourist industry, you’ll find many things to do around here. Be sure to start with the classics and the must-visit locations as reviewed by locals and professionals. So, pack up those suitcases for an adventure-filled holiday! Happy Vacationing!

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