6 Things to Do In Pigeon Forge During Your Honeymoon

Pigeon Forge in Tennessee has become a traveller’s favourite spot and is a growing destination for honeymooners. So, we have put together a list of the top 6 things to do during your honeymoon in Pigeon Forge.

Are you planning a trip with your partner? Undeniably, a honeymoon is one of those high-stakes trips that requires thoughtful planning and a hefty budget. After all, it’s your first trip after the wedding; hence, you have to make it extremely special. Maybe, you can head over to a fancy region like Paris, Tanzania, or Fiji, but affording a long trip can be costly. So, why not plan a three-week-long trip at an affordable yet equally exotic location?

Recently, Pigeon Forge in Tennessee has become a traveller’s favourite spot as well as a popular honeymoon destination. On the one hand, it’s an old-fashion town with plenty of country charm. It is between the mountains of Tennessee where you can escape the grind of city life with your partner. On the other hand, Pigeon Forge is full of tourist attractions. From dinner shows, historical sites to world-famous theme parks – this place has everything a couple would want to have on their honeymoon.

In case you can’t make your mind, let us help you decide. Here are six things to do during your honeymoon in Pigeon Forge.

1. Plan a Romantic Dinner Date

6 Things to Do In Pigeon Forge During Your Honeymoon

Pigeon Forge is full of cozy and romantic places – perfect for a candlelight dinner. You can enjoy a relaxing meal at one of the fancy restaurants or look for something entertaining on your date night. Perhaps, you can head over to the Lumberjack Square since it has the best dinner shows in Pigeon Forge TN, with four exotic restaurants. You can try different cuisines altogether. In addition, you can even carry outside food to the dinner show and have fun seeing the Lumberjack Feud. Almost every restaurant offers a warm and mountain lodge feel, letting you have a romantic time with your partner.

2. Go for a Couple’s Spa

6 Things to Do In Pigeon Forge During Your Honeymoon

Newly married couples can begin their happily ever after journey with a relaxing couple’s spa. Believe it or not, after all the wedding hassle and chaos, this could be the perfect treat. Therefore, head over to the spa at Pine Mountain right after you land in Pigeon Forge. The place provides a side-by-side massage in a private suite with a two-person shower. Besides, couples can pick from a variety of spas, including herbal baths and fruit trays. A spa date would be a different yet relaxing experience for new couples.

3. Explore Adventurous Spots

6 Things to Do In Pigeon Forge During Your Honeymoon

Is your partner a thrill-seeker? If so, don’t forget to explore adventurous spots in the region. For some laugh and excitement, you can head over to Dollywood. The amusement park has rollercoasters and water parks filled with pools, splash pads, and slides. It will almost make you two feel like a kid again. Right beside Dollywood, there is Splash Country. The place features an 8,000 square foot wave pool and Tennessee’s first-ever water coaster. Also, it has a slow river where you can go whitewater rafting.

4. Stroll Along Pigeon River

6 Things to Do In Pigeon Forge During Your Honeymoon

Often, couples want to avoid the chaos of city life. In that case, you can take a stroll along the Pigeon River. It is a peaceful and quiet place that flows through the town. The river has water coming from streams flowing together and dividing lines between Tennessee and North Carolina. You can even find fishing opportunities at this spot. Besides, couples can enjoy peaceful walks along the tree-line Riverwalk trail.

5. Visit The Island

6 Things to Do In Pigeon Forge During Your Honeymoon

Once you are done paying a visit to historical and amusing sites, have a glamorous trip to The Island. It is one of the most premium attractions in Pigeon Forge. It will make you wonder if you have stepped into a new city full of lights and dazzling displays. You can find cafes, rides, restaurants, and fun games to play with your loved ones. Above all, you can ride the gigantic Ferris Wheel that slowly takes rounds of the skyline. From the top, you will catch sight of The Great Smoky Mountains, a view that will imprint in your memory forever.

6. Ride the Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster

6 Things to Do In Pigeon Forge During Your Honeymoon

Although couples can go for conventional hikes and climbs on the Smoky Mountains, why not try something different? Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster is a low-level coaster that will take you a mile down the mountains. The wind will get your hair blowing while you both enjoy scenic views that aren’t accessible through hiking. Do you know the best part? You can control the speed of the coaster. It is up to whether you want an hour-long ride or want to make it a death-defying rush with full speed. Thus, don’t forget to add this ride to your honeymoon bucket list.

Final Words

Pigeon Forge is all about exotic tourist attractions, making it the ideal vacation spot for travellers. Even newlywed couples can have a memorable honeymoon at this place. You can enjoy entertaining dinner shows to have a good laugh together. After all, couples who laugh together stay together. However, if you both want to relax – head over to The Island after treating yourself to a couple’s massage. These fun activities will make your honeymoon super fun and memorable.

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