6 Popular Destinations Worth Visiting in Louisiana

Louisiana is a state that’s home to beautiful scenery, historical landmarks, and tasty cuisine. Whether you’re looking for a city break or a peaceful retreat, Louisiana has something for everyone. Before you start booking your trip and planning your itinerary, here are some of the most popular destinations to check out in Louisiana.

New Orleans

We couldn’t possibly kick things off without talking about the most visited destination of all in Louisiana – New Orleans. This city is known for its vibrant live music scene, round-the-clock nightlife, and international cuisine comprised of African, French, and American dishes. If you’re heading to New Orleans in March, prepare to be caught up in the fabulous holiday of Mardi Gras, which is celebrated across the city and beyond.

For the night owls, New Orleans is home to an array of exciting land-based casinos, making it one of the most popular gambling destinations in the world.

When it comes to gambling in Louisiana, there are online casinos you can try out first before arriving in the city. Whatever is on the agenda, you can’t visit New Orleans without taking a trip to The French Quarter which is famous for its colourful buildings and jazz clubs.

Baton Rouge

As the capital of Louisiana, Baton Rouge, over 11 million tourists flock to the city every year. Known for its unique music, culture, and cuisine, Baton Rouge is packed with historical sites, such as the Old State Capitol Building. If you’re a lover of art and history, no trip to Baton Rouge is complete without checking out the LSU Museum of Art.

Other notable attractions to see in Baton Rouge include Mike the Tiger’s Habitat and the LSU Rural Life Museum. For the sports fanatics, you must pay a visit to the Tiger Stadium which is home to the LSU Tigers football team. Make sure you check out their fixtures before arriving in Baton Rouge to avoid disappointment.

Lake Charles

Lake Charles can be found near to the Gulf of Mexico. This popular destination is known for its fantastic hunting and fishing. However, there are other aspects of Lake Charles that make it a must-visit stop if you’re after a unique cultural experience like no other.

Nicknamed the Festival Capital of Louisiana, Lake Charles hosts over 75 exciting events across the year. These include the Louisiana Pirate Festival and the Gulf Coast Shrimp & Jazz Festival. If you’re after a spot of golf, Lake Charles has you covered. The city is home to an array of golf courses, including The Country Club at The Golden Nugget. Lake Charles has a variety of designs, meaning no matter what level of golfer you are, you can fully partake in the sport.


Another popular destination in Louisiana to check out this year is Lafayette. This city has a population of 126,000 and welcomes thousands more from across the United States. There is an abundance of attractions that tourists visit in Lafayette, such as the Paul and Lulu Hillard University Art Museum, and the Lafayette Science Museum.

Lafayette is often named the Hub City because of its central role in the Gulf Coast’s gas and oil industry. Other top sights to see in Lafayette include LARC’S Arcadian Village and Lake Martin. However long you’re in Lafayette for, there are tons of exciting things to check out during your time away.

Louisiana Wetlands

Wetlands make up a lot of Louisiana. These areas flood throughout the year and are predominately uninhabited. However, they are home to a wide variety of wild animals. If you’re an animal lover and want to get up close and personal with some, why not head on a swamp tour? These are advertised across the state and give you the opportunity to view a different side of the state.

While every type of vessel is used for swamp tours, the most exciting of all is the airboat. This boat can navigate through swampy areas with ease thanks to their motors being situated above, rather than below the water. If you head on a swamp tour by kayak or canoe, expect to see herons, snakes, owls, and alligators!

Grand Isle

Where the Gulf of Mexico meets Barataria Bay, this barrier island is called the Grand Isle. On this isle, you’ll find the main town shares the same name. Although the Grand Isle town is only located 100 miles south of New Orleans, the atmosphere is anything like a bustling city.

While Grand Isle has taken a beating from hurricanes over the years, the town still oozes plenty of character and charm. If you enjoy fishing, canoeing, or swimming, you can do all three in Grand Isle.

Louisiana is a southern state that’s bursting at the seams with spectacular and beautiful sights. Wherever you go in the state, there are captivating museums, stunning natural attractions, and historical plantations that are sure to make your trip one to remember.

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