The Sports Venues You Must Visit In The US

While great action on the field is always a big draw for most sports fans, the hosting venue itself also plays a significant role in bringing more spectators to their seats as the top American sporting leagues and events have drawn their attention toward the development of state-of-the-art venues to help intrigue more viewers to take their seats for live events. 

The sporting industry has garnered an immense following over the past few years, intertwined with the increase of superstar calibre athletes that can be a major draw for fans to head to venues.

However, sports teams have made great ground in improving their home stadiums to help increase interest among casual fans as well as overall attendance.

If you’re planning on attending a major sporting event in the States within the near future, these are the top-of-the-line stadiums/arenas that you should definitely consider attending and adding to your bucket list of must-see venues to visit.

AT&T Stadium – Dallas, Texas

The Sports Venues You Must Visit In The US
AT&T Stadium – Dallas, Texas | Image: AT&T Stadium

While the Dallas Cowboys franchise has seen their fair share of bumps and mishaps since their dynasty years during the 1990s, there is absolutely no question that ‘America’s team’ remains a massive draw for fans, partially due to their magnificent home venue.

AT&T Stadium is one of the world’s most decorated venues and has arguably been a key motivator for other sports franchises to consider revamping their home grounds.

There is a wide range of elegant features scattered across the stadium that this venue is a must-visit for fans of any major sports, even if you’re not the biggest football fanatic.

Madison Square Garden – New York City, NY

Most US arenas will often host multiple sporting teams with MSG being of no difference as this iconic venue is home to both the New York Knicks NBA franchise, the New York Rangers NHL team and the NCAA’s St. John’s Red Storm men’s basketball team.

While the Knicks and Rangers are often the more inconsistent teams in their respected leagues, there is absolutely no earthly reason why fans should not be interested in visiting the world’s most famous sporting arena.

MSG is one of the oldest sporting venues in the country but remains a staple to all major US arenas due to its immense history, distinctive appeal and always rowdy yet loyal New York fanbase.

Yankee Stadium – New York City, NY

The Sports Venues You Must Visit In The US

Keeping with the famous New York-themed venues, there may be no ballpark that can match the iconic and unique look of the fabled Yankee Stadium, home to the most distinguished baseball team in the world as well as one of the US’ greatest dynasty franchises.

Not only is Yankee Stadium a great place to visit for the sights alone but, as the latest MLB lines suggest, a great venue to catch a tremendous ball team as they remain firm favourites to walk away with their 28 World Series.

Around 47,000 fans cram into the iconic venue to witness some excellent baseball action as well as take in all the amenities that make Yankee Stadium such a tremendous destination for any sporting fanatic.

Daytona International Speedway – Daytona, Florida

The state of Florida has its fair share of outstanding sports venues which includes the FTX Arena, Amway Center, Raymond James Stadium, Hard Rock Stadium and TIAA Bank Field, yet without question, the most historic venue in the crazed sporting state is the prestigious Daytona International Speedway.

This is the home of some of NASCAR’s most historic events which include the Daytona 500 and the Coke Zero Sugar 400 as well as other events relating to the NASCAR Xfinity Series and Truck series.

Racing remains a popular sport in the US with NASCAR being perhaps the most beloved event, but you simply have to make a trip down to Daytona to take in the thrills of being one of the many spectators who cram into the small town almost every year.

Lambeau Field – Green Bay, Wisconsin

The Sports Venues You Must Visit In The US
Image: Packers

The small town of Green Bay is known mainly for two main aspects with the first being the frigid cold weather in the winter and the legendary NFL franchise, the Green Bay Packers.

If you are searching for an insight into the proud history of American football, this is the premier destination as it features an incredible collection of memorabilia in the Packers museum as well as having a fantastic rustic appeal to go along with some of the most beloved and well-respected fanbases in the world.

The Packers have always remained a sturdy contender and with the heroics of long-time quarterback Aaron Rodgers still playing at an MVP-caliber level, there is absolutely no reason why fans should not look to visit this remarkable venue to catch a game, even if the temperature can be pretty challenging at times.

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