6 Treatments To Consider If You Want A Drastic Change In Your Looks

There are lots of ways to drastically influence how you look. The following will look at some of the more radical changes a person can make to their appearance.

Embrace A Vibrant New Haircolour

There’s a reason people in the movies constantly change their hair color when they’re on the run; it produces an entirely different look. You can take this to the extreme and select something bold like pastel pink, but you can also simply move to the opposite sphere of natural hair colors. Black hair can become bleach blond. Blond hair can become fiery red.

Just be sure that if you take proper precautions to protect your hair; dying it regularly (which you’ll need to do if the color choice is drastic) can be harsh on your strands. Be sure to give your hair lots of love and moisturizing treatments after a color change. You might also need to switch your shampoo and conditioner to less aggressive options that help support colored hair. If you’ve gone blonde, you might need to seek out the violet-tinted shampoo, which helps keep the color from fading into a brassy state.

Visible Tattoos

If you want a drastic change, tattoos can be an option. In recent years, visible tattoos (hands, neck, face, arms) have become more and more common. No longer does it instantly mean you’re trouble (although, if you ask people over a certain age, this might still be the impression). It’s becoming commonplace to see tattoos, even in many workplaces.

In particular, artistic professions like graphic design, film production, and marketing, as well as younger professions like coding, start-up businesses, and app-based companies, are letting go of the idea that tattooed employees send the right message. Studies have found that as many as 46% of Americans have a tattoo; it’s becoming normalized, and the world of work is starting to reflect that. Of course, be cognizant of your particular career preferences as not all careers are willing to hire people with visible tattoos.

You also want to think long and hard about what you want permanently inked to your body. Humans are notoriously bad for assuming that how they’re feeling now is how they’re going to feel in the future (indeed, studies have found this to be a major component of misery).

6 Treatments To Consider If You Want A Drastic Change In Your Looks

Change Up Your Posture

This might not seem like it would have a drastic impact on your looks, but it can shock you. Humans are highly communicative beings; some believe that as much as 80% of the messages we send one another are non-verbal. It turns out that your posture tells people what to think about you long before they catch a glimpse of your face or hear you speak.

There are lots of ways to improve your posture, the first being regularly reminding yourself to sit up straight (you can set a timer on your phone to go off. For some, this is enough; for others, their posture issues are more deeply ingrained than that they need to take additional steps. There are exercises that help strengthen the back specifically for posture, and there are also braces you can buy very inexpensively that are worn under your clothing which helps get you back in the habit of staying straight.

Depending on the severity of the situation, this might take time. It’s also worth noting that it’s not uncommon to have sore muscles if you’re working on back strength.

Surgical Alterations

Of course, there are also major changes that can be made to the form via surgery. Surgery also requires recovery time. Sometimes recovery is brief; those who perform double eyelid surgery in Toronto say that it usually takes about a week to recover from eyelid surgery. In contrast, something like a tummy tuck can take a few months to fully recover from. It is worth noting that many kinds of surgery have pre-surgery requirements.

You may be asked to make lifestyle changes leading up to the surgery. And again, when making permanent changes to the body, it’s important to think about your decision for a while as you want to be sure future you will be happy with it too.

Dental Work

Similar to our posture, our teeth communicate to other beings a lot about us. Beyond the messages your teeth are sending, there’s also the possibility that being uncomfortable with your teeth prevents you from smiling when you otherwise would. Smiling is a wonderful way to attract happy and beautiful things towards you. People who are happy and joyous tend to attract other people who are happy and joyous and doing exciting things in their lives.

Children and animals flock toward people who exude this kind of energy. If your teeth are what’s keeping you from embracing happiness, it might be time to visit the orthodontist. For mild tooth issues, you can also order impression kits online and get new dental correcting devices mailed to you every few months. This can sometimes allow you to straighten your teeth at home for less money.

Whitening your teeth can also help. Consider oil pulling in the morning and brushing your teeth with charcoal powder if you want a naturally-whiter, chemical-free smile.

6 Treatments To Consider If You Want A Drastic Change In Your Looks

Clear Your Skin

If you have skin problems, you know how emotionally draining it can be. One of the best choices you can make if you’re unhappy with your skin’s texture or tone is to learn about hormones. Things like using fragranced products, drinking out of plastic water bottles (even BPA-free plastic water bottles have a ton of other toxins that get leeched into the water), and eating conventional meat and dairy products.

Unless specifically organic and hormone-free, meat and dairy animals are fed hormones to help fatten them up faster so that farmers can make more money off the same amount of animals—yes, these hormones also fatten you up when you eat them. 

Drinking unfiltered water is also a big issue if your water is provided by the city as is eating non-organic fruits and vegetables. Humans in this era are bombarded with things that mess with their hormones constantly throughout the day. It is worth noting that while the birth control pill can make your hormones appear to be balanced at first, it’s actually pumping your body full of estrogen, and this can cause a ton of hormonal issues like ovarian cysts later on in life.

The above information should have drawn your attention to a few drastic ways to alter your appearance. Given how extreme they are, the majority of these changes are not right for everyone. It’s okay to take your time and make decisions about your appearance slowly.