7 Mistakes To Avoid When Gambling Online

Online casinos are loads of fun and they are a great option whether you’ve never gambled before or are a traditional gambler looking for options. With that being said, there are pitfalls to online gambling you should be aware of. Online gambling is very different from traditional gambling in many ways, and you need to understand these differences so you can make adjustments.

There are also safety measures you have to take to make sure that your funds and information don’t get compromised. Let’s look at a few mistakes you should avoid when gambling online.

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Gambling Online

Not Picking A Licensed Casino

This is easily the worst mistake you can make when gambling online. The first thing you have to do when picking an online casino is looking at who licensed it. Having a license isn’t enough either, as it has to be from an organization that is recognized by the global gambling community.

Some of the bodies to look for including the UKGC, the Alderney Gambling Control Commission, Curacao, the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, and the Malta Gaming Authority.

There might be some regulatory bodies we missed, but in most cases, if a casino isn’t licensed by one of these, it’s usually fraudulent. So, take the time to check a casino’s license and get some background information on the body that licensed it.

Not Checking Reviews First

Don’t just pick a casino because it’s popular. Online casinos are so different from each other and offer different experiences. It would be better for you to check out a review site before you pick a casino to make things easier for you.

Sites like OnlineCasinos, for instance, compile all the best online casinos on the planet and show some of the deals they have on offer. Not only that, but OnlineCasinos also gives you some information on the site’s gaming experience and other attributes.

You’ll learn about their game selection, which type of payments they allow, the quality of their customer service, etc. They cover everything you need to know to pick a casino you’ll be safe and enjoy yourself.

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Gambling Online

Playing Over A Public Connection

People like to play online casinos over public Wi-Fi networks when they’re traveling from one point to the other, in restaurants and cafes, or at work. While this might be convenient, it does come with some risks. Playing over a public network means that people can intercept your connection and know exactly what you’re doing.

They could collect your login credentials and even your password. If you made the mistake of using the same credentials for your email account and online banking account, then hackers could do a lot of damage. Even the administrator of the network could be a hacker, so never assume that you’re safe.

The best thing you could do if you like playing over public networks is to use a VPN. A VPN will encrypt your information from the source and make it untraceable. Use a VPN when doing anything online to protect your information and make sure that no one can intercept your data.

Not Understanding How Bonuses Work

Another sad thing that happens when people start playing online is that they get overwhelmed by some of the bonuses that are offered to them. They then sign for the casino with the seemingly best deal and don’t understand why they can’t withdraw their money after they’ve had a few wins.

You should know that these match bonuses that you see at online casinos have wagering requirements and you have to meet them before you can withdraw your prize money. These wagering requirements will depend on the casino.

Some casinos will require that you spend anywhere from 20X to 40X the amount of your bonus and your first deposit before you can make a withdrawal, but it can get higher than that. We’ve seen casinos asking people to wager 80 times the bonus + deposit amount before they could withdraw their money, which is insane.

You should also know that casinos can choose which games will contribute to these wagering requirements and in what proportion. This goes for things like free spins as well. Some casinos will restrict the games you can spend your free spins on, and these will usually be the ones that are the least likely to payout. So, make sure to read the fine print before you sign up for a casino just for their bonus.

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Gambling Online

Not Choosing The Right Games

Don’t do what most people do when they pick a slot machine at a regular casino and look at the one you think looks nice and fun. If you’re going to play slot machines, there are ways to tell which one has the highest chances of paying out. All reputable casinos will allow you to check the RTP ratio on any of their slots.

The RTP will tell you which percentage of the wagers are returned to players. A machine with a low RTP percentage will pay less often than one with a high one, so always look at that before you pick a machine.

Not Trying Multiple Casinos At Once

People often feel guilty about using multiple casinos so they can take advantage of the bonuses, but they shouldn’t. This is the smart way to use online casinos. Sign up for as many casinos as you can, but make sure that you read the information on the bonuses and reviews of them first so you can get an idea of whether you’ll be enjoying your time there.

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Gambling Online

Not Managing Their Money Or Play Properly

You also have to be very careful when playing online since you’ll have so much freedom. You need to time your sessions and always go in with a predetermined amount that you can lose. Try to play slower than usual if you like to play slots, and never play under the influence, or when you’re angry because of a bad beat.

These are all mistakes you need to watch out for when playing at online casinos. Avoid these and you’ll be able to maximize your chances of winning while avoiding scams and hackers.

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