7 Ways To Help Your Child Learn Chinese

Learning Chinese is one of the best things you can have your child do, especially if you plan to travel the world with them or want to equip them for college. But let’s face it; kids learn better using methods aside from rote memorization.

Fortunately, there are seven major ways you can help your child learn Chinese, especially if you don’t want them to only rely on rote memorization tactics or flashcards!

7 Ways To Help Your Child Learn Chinese

1. Teach Songs And Poems

For starters, consider researching Chinese songs and poems to teach your child and to read regularly together. Songs and poems are beneficial teaching tools because:

  • They often have rhyming schemes, so remembering the words is easier than otherwise
  • They are not often too complicated, especially if they are explicitly for kids

These facts combined make them excellent tools to learn Chinese, particularly for children. Once you teach your child Chinese songs and poems, they’ll be able to recite them and they will retain that information to apply to their further Chinese studies.

2. Read Chinese Books Together

Similarly, it’s a good idea to find some Chinese children’s books and read them together. Chinese children’s books are similar to children’s books in other cultures; they usually have a moral or lesson, and they are simple enough that kids can grasp the story without too much difficulty.

Thus, Chinese books are entertaining, relaxing, and informative all at the same time. If you want your child to learn Chinese quickly and fluently, reading Chinese books is arguably the best way to do so. This is doubly true if you want your child to be able to read Chinese in textbooks or in other contexts. The more you expose your child to Chinese characters or symbols, the faster they’ll be able to recall them when they need to!

7 Ways To Help Your Child Learn Chinese

3. Enroll Your Child In A Learning Program

Personalized learning programs such as LingoAce are excellent tools for teaching your child Chinese. These individualized learning programs can be tailored to your child’s unique needs or learning preferences.

More importantly, the curriculum for these classes are developed in-house by a team of experts and pegged to globally-recognized standards. The classes are taught by professionally certified teachers who are experienced with working with young children in an online classroom. 

4. Watch Chinese Media, Like Cartoons

Just like reading Chinese books and learning Chinese songs can be beneficial, so too can watching Chinese media, especially kids’ cartoons and movies. By exposing your child to more Chinese media, they’ll pick up on the intricacies and details of the language faster than ever, especially if they become intrigued by the characters or stories.

Try to download or stream some of the most popular Chinese cartoons and give them to your child to enjoy in the morning or in the evening. Immersing yourself in any language is the best way to learn it, including Chinese!

7 Ways To Help Your Child Learn Chinese

5. Practice Chinese All The Time

By far the best way to make sure your child retains everything they learn about the Chinese language is to practice it all the time. If you already speak Chinese, try to speak only to your child in this tongue; that way, they have to respond to you in Chinese and have to actively process the language in everyday life.

Practice makes perfect, and that’s especially true for languages. By practicing Chinese all the time, you’ll be surprised at just how quickly your child picks up on it—remember, kids usually pick up languages faster than adults since their brains are more plastic and wired for this activity.

6. Hire A Private Tutor

If you have a bit of extra money, consider hiring a tutor for your child. Private tutors can give your child the direct attention and instruction they may need to master this language. They can be very helpful resources if you want to make sure your child speaks Chinese fluently by the time they reach high school or college.

In addition, a private tutor can tailor the instruction according to your child’s needs (i.e., use more visual learning aids if your child is a visual learner as opposed to a written learner, etc.).

7. Offer Chinese Games And Apps

Last but not least, don’t forget to offer Chinese language learning games and downloadable apps to your child. They can play these on a smartphone or tablet device, further exposing them to Chinese culture, words, and sentence patterns.

More importantly, many of the best Chinese language learning games and apps are fun and engaging. Odds are your child won’t even know that they are learning if they get involved enough in the game of their choice! 

7 Ways To Help Your Child Learn Chinese


There you have it—seven ways to help your child learn Chinese, whether they learn the language at school or at home in their free time. Try to combine each of these methods together for maximum results!

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