7 Ways To Wear Linen and Rock It

Summer is quite far away at the moment. However, it never hurts to know what you will need in a few months to be as fashionable as you can be, even during the sweltering heat. Linen is a light and quick-absorbing fabric that summers call for.

Being a sustainable fabric, they are high in demand. But did you know all the different ways you can wear this summer fabric? Listed below are some options. 

1. Rock The Office With Linen

Linen, when worn right, makes you look sharp at work. As such, they are ideal for wearing for work meetings and presentations at the peak of summer. This is why you will find buying this fabric online to stitch formal shirts. Getting a well-fitted shirt paired with sharp accessories and pants will give you the ultimate power look. 

Pro tip: Avoid wearing linen as pants, as this fabric is better suited in loose silhouettes. 

2. Party-Wear Summer Dresses

Linen is a great fabric for dresses, especially party wear clothing. If you love social gatherings, wear linen for your parties in the summers to stay and look cool. Pairing them with strappy sandals, heels, or statement flats accentuates the look further. Metallic elements work well with the fabric, as well, and can be achieved through bangles, chains, and bracelets. 

Pro tip: Avoid extremely fitting silhouettes; these may crush linen.

3. Boho, Loose-Fit Clothes

The Bohemian look can be pulled off with certain people and fabric; linen is one of them. In bright colours, these can brighten up a summer day while keeping you cool and light. Pairing them with loose belts can add a shape to the clothing without highlighting any waist issues. 

Pro tip: Choose finer quality linen to avoid a crumpled fabric

4. Go Color Blocks

Colour blocking is a statement that stands out in any fabric. With linen, these give you a sophisticated and sharp look, especially when used in a pantsuit. Colour blocks allow you to shift from a morning look to an evening look with ease. 

Pro tip: Avoid accessorizing colour-blocked linen or adding any overwhelming elements to the fabric.

5. Pair It With Denim

Linen is an elegant fabric. As mentioned earlier, it is versatile enough to be worn for any occasion. When paired with denim, the fabric gives a casual look suitable for office, functions, and dates. Pair them with a plain watch or even a silver ring for a classic look. 

Pro tip: Avoid over-accessorizing; just a watch can work wonders

6. Cutwork Linen

Cutworks add the extra zest to any fabric or outfit. Let cutwork become the star of your linen outfit. Pair them with denim or earthy leather tones to get a simple yet chic look. With cutworks, you are ready to rock with smart casuals.

Pro tip: If you have a petite frame, go for baggy silhouettes, but if you have a fuller frame, opt for sharp shoulders and A-line cuts. 

7. Modern Fusion

Do you want to pull off the classic-meets-modern look? Indulge in some modern fusion with linen. Choose linen clothing in two different styles you like and pair them for a chic look for a comfortable day out. 

Pro tip: Choose footwear that goes with the style you are going for. 


Linen is a versatile fabric. This fabric can be worn for any occasion and in any silhouette, from work attire to party wear. That said, it is always best to wear them based on your body shape and preferences. The key is pairing it with the right material and accessories to accentuate the look.