8 Electrolyte Drinks To Improve Your Wellness Routine

Did you know that replacing vitamins and minerals you lose through sweat during a workout can improve your overall levels of wellness? Rehydrating with a drink with electrolytes means you can rebalance the minerals lost so that you can keep your body healthy, hydrated and functioning as it should. Read on for 8 electrolyte powders and drinks that you can add to your routine to boost your well-being.

What Are Electrolytes?

If you take part in sports, you may be aware of electrolytes and why they are necessary for your body. Electrolytes are a group of minerals that allow nutrients to be absorbed into the cells more easily. They also get rid of waste from your system and produce energy when you need it most. There are a few electrolytes that are important to your health which include sodium, potassium, calcium, and chloride – to name a few.

It is essential that you replenish any electrolytes that you may lose from your body through dehydration, sweating, illness, and sickness, as well as certain medications. If you suffer from an electrolyte imbalance, you may suffer a few nasty symptoms – which is why it is so important that you take on electrolytes after you have exerted yourself in the gym.

The Benefits Of Electrolytes

There is a range of benefits that comes with choosing to add an electrolyte drink into your exercise routine – they can help you to enhance your performance whether you’re training or playing sport as a way of replenishing energy that you’ve lost, this means you can keep up your strength, and focus. They can also benefit your immune system so that you can fight inflammation and illness. Electrolytes can also strengthen muscles and bones and support your general heart health. Here are 8 electrolyte drinks that you could implement into your routine to improve your overall wellness.

1. Transparent Labs Hydrate Electrolyte Formula

This electrolyte powder is made up of dehydrated coconut water, which itself contains electrolytes but has then been mixed with other minerals like potassium and sodium to name a few. If you are looking for a way to balance and restore your electrolytes for the better, this drink is all-natural – it does not contain sweeteners, artificial colouring, or any nasty preservatives. This product allows you to reap the benefits that come with electrolytes in the most natural way.

2. Naked Nutrition Nakedade

If your training is intense – lifting heavy weights or running a long distance – this electrolyte powder can give you a boost whilst also helping you to rehydrate. This Naked Nutrition product contains a low-glycemic carb, which means you can benefit from a boost of energy without your blood sugar rising, and then crashing as a result. This added energy comes from sugar beets, so you don’t have to worry about chemicals. It is perfect for all diets; it is gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and suitable for Vegans.

3. Key Nutrients Electrolyte Powder

Another electrolyte drink you could add to your routine to give your body a boost is this Key Nutrients electrolyte powder. This supplement is completely calorie and sugar-free, so if you’re watching your weight, you can add this powder to your drink without worrying about it having an impact on your diet! It is also good for those that follow the keto diet. If you are struggling to find an electrolyte powder that dissolves, this supplement is smooth when added to water, is packed with 12 vitamins and minerals, and you can choose from flavours like Cherry Pom and Strawberry Kiwi. This brand is also keen to let customers know that they go out of their way to test the purity of their products, to give you that extra peace of mind.

8 Electrolyte Drinks To Improve Your Wellness Routine

4. Tailwind Nutrition Caffeinated Endurance Fuel

If you enjoy a cup of coffee, this brand could be the best choice for you. Tailwind Nutrition offers a caffeinated option for those of us that enjoy the energy and focus that it brings, whilst also focusing on hydration. Although this product does contain calories, it used non-GMO products to ensure that your body can absorb the minerals and vitamins easily. This brand offers a range of flavours from tropical to matcha and can be purchased without caffeine if you do not like the effect.

5. Hydrant Electrolyte Powder Rapid Hydration

This Hydrant product boasts three times more electrolytes than you would get by drinking a bottle of water throughout your workout or run – so it’s a no-brainer when it comes to replenishment. It comes in easy-to-carry sachets, so you can take it with you for hydration on the go, and it comes in a variety of flavours. This powder contains low calories, as well as sodium, potassium, and magnesium so you can balance your electrolytes and boost your wellness with ease.

6. Nuun Sport Electrolyte Hydration

These Nuun Sport hydration tablets are perfect for taking with you on the go – they come in the form of tablets that are stacked in an easy-to-carry tube, so all you must do is drop them into your water bottle and you’re good to go. They are great for those of us that enjoy easy workouts and are free from artificial sweeteners.

7. Ultima Replenisher Electrolyte Drink

Packed with 6 essential vitamins and minerals, this brand prides itself on 25 years’ worth of hydration knowledge. If it’s a flavour you’re looking for, you can choose from sticks, as well as powder – whichever is most suitable for you – in various flavours like cherry pomegranate, blue raspberry, and watermelon. They can be mixed into a smooth liquid so you can replenish and balance your electrolytes in a tasty and effective way.

8. Propel Immune Support

Unlike the above products, this brand produces a drink that is already packed with electrolytes – no powder or sticks needed. It boasts no artificial colours and is simply water that has a slight flavouring that is full of electrolyte goodness. You don’t have to worry about calories either – it is free from sugar too!

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