A Brief Guide To Decanting Your Beauty And Skincare Products

If you are a skincare and makeup enthusiast, then you’ve probably come across beauty gurus decanting products into different packaging. Most people find the intentional destruction and subsequent restoration of high-end beauty products appalling. But there is a method to the madness, and it’s not just an attempt to rack up views with viral videos. 

There are plenty of reasons why many people consider decanting their makeup and skincare products. If you are traveling overseas, you can’t possibly pack your bags with every product you’re going to need for the trip. There will be no room left for your clothes, shoes or anything else!

Moreover, you can’t keep full-sized liquid products in your carry-on. And this is where you can make things easier by decanting your products into smaller travel-sized containers.

A Brief Guide To Decanting Your Beauty And Skincare Products

But complying with TSA regulations isn’t the only reason for decanting products. At times, a product is perfect in every way except the packaging. Whether you are tired of lugging around an unnecessary heavy glass bottle or frustrated with the dropper that doesn’t work properly, you can consider transferring your products into an easy-to-use container.

While creative product packaging from different brands is exciting, they don’t offer visual cohesiveness. Some people don’t want to look at a cluttered space every morning, and decanting is the perfect solution. If you love organizing, you should transfer your products into uniform containers that fit perfectly on your shelves and drawers. 

Are you thinking about decanting your beauty products? Here are some useful tips.

Measure Your Space

Before you go out and buy containers, start by measuring your space. The last thing you want to do is order containers only to realize that they don’t fit your shelves and drawers. Also, take a look at your products to decide the type, size, and number of containers you would need. 

A Brief Guide To Decanting Your Beauty And Skincare Products

Buy High-Quality Containers

We’re glad to inform you that you can easily find a plethora of containers that meet your requirements. From compact stackable jars to glass lip gloss bottles, there are plenty of options available. We recommend going for high-quality containers that promise durability instead of the cheapest options.

Get Necessary Tools

Apart from containers, you also need a few tools to easily and safely transfer products without spilling. We recommended purchasing a set of funnel, dropper, and spatula for effectively depotting liquids. If you plan to decant powder-based products, you can get a makeup repair kit or use a sharp pick and rubbing alcohol.

A Brief Guide To Decanting Your Beauty And Skincare Products

Research First

There is no doubt that a product’s packaging adds to its aesthetic appeal and ease of use. But sometimes, the packaging also protects the product from external elements. Make sure to do your research to ensure that the product is safe to transfer to another container. Otherwise, you risk damaging the efficacy of the product.

Ensure Hygiene

You may end up contaminating the products if you’re careful enough. It’s crucial to take care of hygiene every step of the way. Start by washing your hands and sanitizing all the tools and containers. It’s also a good idea to wear latex gloves.

Remember To Label

You cannot afford to make the mistake of not labeling your products after transferring them to a new container. Getting confused and using the wrong product can be disastrous. That’s why we encourage you to keep labeling the products as you go. You can get a label maker to make everything look harmonious.

A Brief Guide To Decanting Your Beauty And Skincare Products

The Bottom Line

If you frequently travel, decanting skincare and makeup products can make your life much easier. And, of course, it’s an excellent technique to declutter and tidy up your place.