A Lux: Luxurious Mediterranean Dining in Central Hong Kong

A Lux, the exquisite dining destination in Central Hong Kong, recently announced that they are taking Southern European cuisine to new heights with a range of enticing lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch menus.

Led by the renowned Executive Chef Kwan Wai-Chung, the restaurant offers an array of seasonal delights in a serene and inviting ambience, making it a top choice for Mediterranean-inspired gastronomy in the city.

A Lux: Luxurious Mediterranean Dining in Central Hong Kong

A Gastronomic Sojourn: A Lux’s Culinary Offerings

Chef Kwan Wai-Chung, celebrated for his skill in crafting homemade pasta and innovative European classics, delights diners with an exquisite selection of tasting menus at lunch and dinner. Each menu, thoughtfully curated in the “Mediterranean Classico” style, features an array of sumptuous dishes, making it an ideal choice for both intimate gatherings and family celebrations.

Embracing the midsummer season, Chef Kwan Wai-Chung scours southern Europe and beyond to bring the finest sun-kissed ingredients and crystal-clear waters to A Lux’s kitchen. The result is a tantalizing array of new dishes, each brimming with distinct flavours that are destined to become house favourites. With five wonderful menus on offer, A Lux ensures an exceptional variety to cater to all palates and occasions.

Indulgent Summer Sensations at Dinner

A Lux Le Dîner is a lavish five-course feast that takes diners on a Mediterranean-led culinary journey. From the impactful Steak Tartare, Italian Egg, and Avocado, featuring brilliant red and marbled beef from Boucheries Nivernaises to the enticing Snapper Roulade, Seaweed, Yuzu and Blue Lobster Carpaccio, the seafood alternatives, each dish is a work of art.

A Lux introduces two lovingly crafted soups to its menu. The Classic Onion Soup, Gruyere Toast, features a broth base simmered for a whole day before fried onions are added, while the Lobster Bisque comes with delicate Tortellini, taking it to another level of indulgence. For pasta enthusiasts, the Fettuccine, Mushroom, Truffle, and Linguine, Manila Clams, Sakura Ebi, present irresistible options.

For the main course, A Lux offers a quartet of delightful choices. The Sea Bass, Lobster Ragout, Pesto, and Spanish Pork Terrine, Quince, and Balsamic are perfect for seafood and pork lovers, while the USDA Rib Eye Cap, Shallot Jus, and Grilled Australian M8 Wagyu Beef showcase the restaurant’s dedication to delivering premium meat dishes.

A Lux: Luxurious Mediterranean Dining in Central Hong Kong

For those seeking ultimate indulgence, the Menu du Chef presents a seven-course Mediterranean-led gastronomic experience that epitomizes culinary finesse. Paired with a selection of wines by the sommelier, this menu promises a journey of taste and elegance.

Lavish Summer Comfort Food at Lunch

For lunchtime entertaining, A Lux offers the Le Déjeuner menu, comprising four courses of tantalizing Southern European comfort food. Dishes like Greek Salad, Chicken Breast, and Mexican Chicken Stew provide bright and savoury flavours, while options like Parma Ham, Italian Melon, Truffle Honey, and Prawn, Avocado-corn Salad add a touch of seaside spirit.

At the pasta course, guests can indulge in handmade Fettuccine enriched with Pancetta, Porcini and Spicy Tomato, Ham Cappelletti, Alfredo, Barolo Risotto, Wild Mushroom, or the favourite Carabineros Prawn Spaghetti. For the main course, the offerings include Barramundi, Clams, Cannellini Bean, Veal Milanese Heirloom Tomato, USDA Ribeye, and Grilled Australian M8 Wagyu Beef.

Relaxing Summer Weekends Over Spectacular Brunch

A Lux’s weekend brunch, Brunch de A Lux, is a popular attraction that promises a relaxed and delectable experience. With unlimited antipasto and a delightful Dessert Trolley, the brunch also offers a unique caviar and free-flow drinks package, providing a perfect setting for weekend indulgence.

Guests can enjoy a delightful array of pasta and risotto options, each prepared with the finest ingredients. From the Parmesan Risotto, Lobster Scallop Ragout to the Abalone Spinosini, Sakura Ebi, each dish exemplifies culinary excellence.

A Lux: Luxurious Mediterranean Dining in Central Hong Kong

The main course selection offers a delightful range of options, including the sumptuous Beef Wellington, Grilled Australian M8 Wagyu Beef, Japanese Chicken Saltimbocca, and more. The Spanish Baby Pig is an enticing choice for those seeking a unique brunch experience.


A Lux offers a luxurious and immersive Mediterranean dining experience in the heart of Central Hong Kong. With its expertly crafted menus, exquisite dishes, and inviting ambience, the restaurant stands out as a top destination for discerning diners and those seeking a memorable culinary journey. Whether it’s a leisurely lunch, a sumptuous dinner, or a relaxing weekend brunch, A Lux ensures a delightful and unforgettable experience for all.

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