A New World of Scent – Bentley Beyond

Bentley is a luxury car brand that truly needs no introduction in the world of motor vehicles. Bentley is synonymous with super-powered luxury cars that cater to the rich and famous yet they have been steadily establishing themselves as a formidable brand in the world of fragrance.

Bentley now offers not one, not two, but three brand-new and fully unique fragrances inspired by their passion for the world of travel and you know what? They all really do smell absolutely divine.

Bentley fragrances recently announced three brand-new scents designed exclusively for both men and women. The three scents will take your senses on journeys around our wonderful planet. Introducing Bentley Beyond – a new world of scent.

For those of you with a passion for travel, each of the three exotic fragrances of this wonderful collection will awaken your senses. Each of the three fragrances provides one key ingredient designed to showcase a specific destination. This wonderful collection takes you on a journey around the world using nothing but scent and colour. The trio of exotic fragrances are:

Exotic Musk – Acapulco, Mexico

Majestic Cashmere – Goa, India

Wild Vetiver – Indonesia

Exotic Musk

First up we have Exotic Musk. Exotic Musk will transport you to Acapulco, Mexico. With base notes of white wood and musk, accompanied by Ambery Woods and Orris at the top, this fragrance is incredibly pleasing on the nose and will conjure up images of stunning bay vistas overlooking the Pacific Ocean in your own tranquil ocean paradise.

A New World of Scent – Bentley Beyond

Majestic Cashmere

Majestic Cashmere will take you to a tropic beach paradise in Goa, India. With Hindu, Ottoman, and Portuguese influences, Goa is a haven for bohemians looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city living. Majestic Cashmere blends top notes of citrusy coriander seeds, Incense, and Ambrette Absolute with Cashmere, Tonka Bean, Patchouli, Musk, Vetiver Bourbon, and much more.

A New World of Scent – Bentley Beyond

Wild Vetiver

Finally, we have Wild Vetiver, which takes you on an odyssey to Java, Indonesia. Ancient stone temples, lush green forests, white sandy beach paradises and active volcanoes are just some of the images Wild Vetiver evokes. The top notes of pepper and bergamot work in synergy beautifully together. The accompanying base notes of Birch and Amberwood compliment the top notes beautifully, while the heart notes of vetiver and verbena offer a subtle citrus twang to this fantastic scent.

A New World of Scent – Bentley Beyond

No detail is considered to be too big or too small here, particularly with the bottle and the design packaging. The leather cap of each bottle is handstitched in luxurious leather, just as you would find in the interior of Bentley vehicles. Each bottle is transparent to showcase the beautiful colours of each scent.

A New World of Scent – Bentley Beyond

Exotic musk comes in an ocean blue teal, Majestic cashmere comes in amber and plum, whereas wild vetiver comes in mustard yellow and green. Even the glass bottles are inspired by the cut crystal glass headlights of the Continental GT. With each bottle featuring the signature, Bentley emblem displayed proudly on the silver metal shoulders, the bottles look as visually stunning as the fragrances smell.

The UK retail price for each 100 ml bottle (including VAT) is £165.

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