Age Gap Dating Tips – Does Age Really Matter?

Are you one of those people who care less about the age of their partner and believe in having better chemistry and emotional compatibility?

You are certainly not alone. Age-gap relationships are becoming increasingly popular, with Hollywood celebrities playing a big role, but online dating sites have also made it easier to find mature love. In the past, an age difference of three years was considered normal, but if you check the popularity of mature dating sites with so many young singles looking for older partners, you can safely say that modern-day love is quite “age-blind.”

Does Age Really Matter?

Age Gap Dating Tips - Does Age Really Matter?

It varies from person to person, but when most people eventually meet someone who connects with them mentally and emotionally, they are ready to ignore the age. That is probably the reason why you can find so many May-December relationships becoming popular in recent times.

Many celebrities have set examples, like Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander; Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles; Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian, and the list goes on.

So many dating sites are created for the sole purpose of finding mature love. There, you will find young singles asking, “How can I find mature hookups near me?It is amazing to see how people seem ready to ignore the “rule of seven,” which has been around for ages.

The rule suggests that the acceptable age difference is half the age of the older partner plus seven. It means that if you are 50, you should not date anyone younger than 32.

With online dating sites becoming so widespread, it is quite noticeable that the half-your-age plus seven rule is fading quickly because it just talks about “what is ideal” and tells nothing about “what people consider acceptable.” So, “No” age does not always matter and is usually just a number as long as you are willing to try and avoid certain mistakes that spoil age-gap relationships.

Tips To Make Age Gap Relationships Work

Joining an online dating site for older women and making them fall for you may look simple, but making that relationship work requires a lot more effort. Here are a few tips to ensure you continue to enjoy your new relationship with someone double your age.

Age Gap Dating Tips - Does Age Really Matter?

Acknowledge The Differences

From perspectives to interests, expect many differences with your partner because they might have been born and raised in a completely different era. Your partner is also in a different developmental stage from you, so know that there will be differences. You should never force your partner and push them to conform to your lifestyle.

Be Prepared To Play A Caretaker

Depending on the age difference, you might, at some point, have to take up the role of a caretaker, and you should understand it from the very beginning. You might even need to give up certain activities to be with your aging spouse.

Understand The Meaning Of Maturity

Even on dating sites, you will find some mature men and women who behave childishly. And there will be younger folks who sound much older than they really are. Maturity is relative, and you should not make any assumptions based on age alone. This keeps misunderstandings at bay and helps you have a better relationship.

Find Mutual Interests

Just like acknowledging the differences, it is of paramount importance to work together and identify mutual interests. Finding such interests that both partners enjoy can successfully equalize the age gap. Plan family holidays and try interesting activities together. Do not feel shy to meet each other friends and try new things to see if you really like them.

Age Gap Dating Tips - Does Age Really Matter?

Respect Your Partner

Age can be a factor but can never be the only reason to have a failing relationship. Having a strong physical and emotional connection is important regardless of gender, age, and cultural differences. Give your partner some space and respect your relationship to help it thrive.

Mistakes To Avoid In Age-Gap Relationships

Dating sites come with chat rooms where you can find new partners and engage in discussions to learn what it really feels like to date someone much older than you are. However, things are likely to be different in real life, and you have to put your best foot forward to keep the spark alive in your relationship. To achieve real success, be sure to avoid the following mistakes.

Not Sharing Expectations

It is a big mistake committed mainly because couples take each other for granted. You might have spent some time chatting on a dating site, but it is not enough to start a serious relationship. Share more about your expectations and be upfront about what commitment truly means to you.

Be vocal about your emotions and share your feelings to avoid miscommunication, which is the number one killer in age-gap relationships.

Not Find Time For Yourself

No matter how much you love your partner, be sure to find some “me” time, which is needed for recharging and some introspection. Not being able to maintain a sense of individuality in your relationship can also cause all sorts of issues.

Not Considering Your Partner’s Age

While you should not make “age” the topic of your discussions, you should still consider it and never expect anything out of your partner they cannot do because of their age limitations.

Age Gap Dating Tips - Does Age Really Matter?


Finding mature dating partners has become a breeze, thanks to online dating sites, but you have to consider many other things to make it a real success. Understand that age does not always matter, especially when both partners have coordinated values, morals, and life goals. So, let your love guide you in finding the right partner regardless of your age.

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