Alma Resort’s Onsite Farm – A Green Eco-Conscious Oasis

Alma Resort, a beachfront property spanning 30 hectares, has recently launched an onsite farm to provide organic, zero-kilometre vegetables, fruits, herbs, and chicken eggs to guests.

With a goal to become more self-sufficient and sustainable, landscape manager Ngo Duc Thinh and his team have transformed parts of the resort into a 1000sqm nursery garden, a 260sqm chicken farm, and a 180sqm herb garden.

Nursery Garden

Located on the northern end of Alma’s grounds, the nursery garden boasts a wide range of fruits, vegetables, and flowers, including bananas, coconuts, papaya, squash, passionfruit, sunflowers, and daisies, among others.

Alma Resort's Onsite Farm - A Green  Eco-Conscious Oasis

The garden covers an area of 1000 sqm and is a short walk away from the Active Youth Club for teenagers.

Chicken Farm

Adjacent to the nursery garden, the chicken farm currently houses 17 hens, six roosters, and 18 chicks, providing a steady supply of organic eggs for guests.

Herb Garden

Situated just outside the beachfront restaurant Atlantis, the herb garden offers stunning views of Long Beach and is brimming with a variety of herbs, such as mustard leaves, morning glory, red and green chilli peppers, Vietnamese basil, lettuce, green onions, white radish, bok choy, and tomatoes.

Farm-to-Table Dining

Alma Resort’s farm-to-table initiative has been a success, with all the farm’s produce going directly to the resort’s restaurants.

Bananas, coconuts, and eggs are served during breakfast at Alma Garden restaurant, while lettuce and mustard leaves are included in salads and coconuts are provided as drinks at Atlantis.

La Casa, the resort’s Italian restaurant, serves caprese salad featuring tomatoes from the herb garden and locally produced mozzarella cheese.

Sustainability Efforts

Alma Resort’s efforts to be self-sufficient and sustainable do not end with its onsite farm. The property has plans to implement Vietnam’s most ambitious solar power project for a hotel yet and has appointed a sustainability officer.

The resort has also set up three staff committees focused on “green products,” “innovation and solutions,” and “people and partnerships” to engage employees in sustainability initiatives.

Alma Resort's Onsite Farm - A Green  Eco-Conscious Oasis

Other measures in place to reduce Alma’s carbon footprint include a water treatment plant, an electric buggy station, recycling in the garbage room, and a transition to paperless solutions through the Alma App.

Garden Tours and Cooking Classes

Guests at Alma Resort can take complimentary garden tours with staff sharing tips on how to cultivate a vegetable patch at home.

Children can also learn how to care for chickens. Additionally, Alma plans to host cooking classes where guests can pick and clean their ingredients to cook their own healthy meals.


Alma Resort’s farm-to-table initiative and other sustainability efforts have set a new standard for hospitality in Vietnam.

The resort’s onsite farm provides guests with fresh, organic produce while reducing its carbon footprint and promoting self-sufficiency.

Alma’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its numerous initiatives, including plans for a solar power project, the appointment of a sustainability officer, and engaging employees in sustainability initiatives.

With garden tours and cooking classes, Alma Resort provides a unique and educational experience for guests of all ages.