Ambassador Cruise II Celebrates Milestone

Halong Bay, Vietnam, renowned for its stunning natural beauty and serene waters, has witnessed a remarkable milestone in the world of luxury cruising.

The prestigious Ambassador Cruise, a five-star cruise line, is gearing up to welcome its 200,000th passenger on board the ‘Ambassador Cruise II’ vessel by the end of 2023. This momentous achievement underscores the growing popularity of Ambassador Cruise and the allure of Halong Bay as a travel destination.

Ambassador Cruise II Celebrates 200,000th Passenger Milestone

Ambassador Cruise II: A Luxurious Journey

Launched in February of the same year, the Ambassador Cruise II has quickly become a symbol of opulence on the waters of Halong Bay. This magnificent vessel offers a unique blend of experiences, featuring an eight-hour day cruise and a four-hour dinner cruise, both designed to provide guests with the utmost in luxury and relaxation.

During peak seasons, the Ambassador Cruise II has the privilege of hosting nearly 1000 guests per day, a testament to its widespread appeal among travellers seeking a premium cruise experience in this breathtaking locale. The impact of this cruise has been profound, contributing significantly to the tourism boom in Vietnam’s Quang Ninh province.

Driving Tourism in Quang Ninh Province

Halong Bay, with its UNESCO World Heritage status and iconic limestone karsts, attracts travellers from all corners of the globe. Ambassador Cruise II has played a pivotal role in boosting tourism in Quang Ninh province, welcoming more than 156,000 passengers since its inception.

This impressive figure represents a substantial 13% of the estimated 1.2 million visitors who flocked to Halong International Cruise Port between January 1 and October 31 of this year.

Ambassador Cruise II Celebrates 200,000th Passenger Milestone

The success of Ambassador Cruise extends beyond the Ambassador Cruise II. The cruise line’s overnight offerings, ‘Ambassador Cruise I’ and ‘Ambassador Signature Cruise,’ are also making a significant impact. When combined with Ambassador Cruise II, these vessels are projected to contribute to a remarkable 18% of the total number of passengers at the cruise port by the year’s end.

Ambassador Cruise II: The Epitome of Luxury

Ambassador Cruise II stands as a testament to luxury and elegance on Halong Bay’s pristine waters. Its design exudes sophistication, boasting spacious sundecks across two expansive floors, totaling 324 square meters and 250 square meters. These sundecks provide guests with panoramic 360-degree views of Halong Bay and its enchanting limestone karsts.

The vessel’s amenities leave nothing to be desired, with two restaurants, two bars, an entertainment area featuring live music, and a sprawling open-air jacuzzi. Among the ship’s standout features is a five-meter glass bridge extending from the bow, offering the perfect backdrop for captivating photographs.

This 500-ton, five-floor steel craft, complete with a basement, measures an impressive 90 meters in length, 16 meters in width, and 19 meters in height. It proudly holds the title of the largest and most luxurious ship to ever grace Halong Bay’s waters, offering a total of 10,000 square meters of lettable space. Notably, Ambassador Cruise is the only Halong Bay cruise line to include an elevator system, ensuring accessibility for the elderly and individuals with disabilities.

Ambassador Day Cruise: A Journey of Discovery

Ambassador Cruise II’s daytime voyage, known as the ‘Ambassador Day Cruise,’ takes passengers on a remarkable journey through the UNESCO World Heritage site of Halong Bay. This area is celebrated for its numerous limestone karsts that adorn its emerald waters.

The itinerary includes an exploration of the Sung Sot Cave, a natural wonder, and an opportunity for guests to enjoy swimming off the shores of Titov Island, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the bay. Passengers can explore the Luon Cave either by kayak or in a bamboo boat, rowed by a local expert. Additionally, a cooking class and the tunes of a Filipino DJ onboard add to the cruise’s allure.

Designed to accommodate travellers with tight schedules, the ‘Ambassador Day Cruise’ covers the same ground as an overnight cruise but within a shorter time frame, making it an ideal choice for those unable to commit to an extended excursion.

Ambassador Dinner Cruise: A Unique Evening Experience

As night falls, Ambassador Cruise II transforms into the ‘Ambassador Dinner Cruise,’ a distinctive offering that sets it apart in Halong Bay. This innovative cruise experience revolves around premium dining and live entertainment, providing guests with a memorable evening.

Ambassador Cruise II Celebrates 200,000th Passenger Milestone

Against the backdrop of Halong Bay’s breathtaking sunset, guests are treated to a sumptuous meal featuring a delectable fusion of Asian and European delicacies. The culinary delights are complemented by a captivating cabaret show, performances by talented Vietnamese singers, and the mesmerizing melodies of a live band.

Nguyen Cao Son: Redefining Halong Bay Cruising

Nguyen Cao Son, the chairman of Asia Premier Cruises (APC) Corporation, and the proud owner of Ambassador Cruise, expressed his delight at reaching the milestone of 200,000 passengers aboard the Ambassador Cruise II. He emphasized the pivotal role that the cruise line has played in reshaping the cruising experience in Halong Bay.

“Welcoming our 200,000th passenger aboard Ambassador Cruise II in such a short time is a major milestone and testament to how we have redefined cruising Halong Bay,” said Nguyen Cao Son. “By pioneering a luxurious day cruise and dinner cruise, we have played a notable part in expanding Quang Ninh’s tourism industry post-COVID.”

In the period from January 1 to October 31 this year, Ambassador Cruise attracted over 69,000 passengers, with the dinner cruise alone accounting for a substantial 70% of the total number of passengers at the Halong International Cruise Port in the evening, out of four cruise operators.

Ambassador Cruise II Celebrates 200,000th Passenger Milestone

To celebrate this remarkable milestone of welcoming the 200,000th passenger, Ambassador Cruise II has planned a special party for all of its guests on board. Additionally, lucky draw presents, including dinner vouchers, will be distributed during a mini-game, and the 200,000th passenger will be presented with a gift voucher for two tickets to attend a live show on the Ambassador Dinner Cruise.


Ambassador Cruise II’s journey to celebrate its 200,000th passenger is a testament to the allure of Halong Bay and the commitment to excellence showcased by Ambassador Cruise. As the luxury cruise line continues to redefine cruising in this picturesque destination, it remains a beacon for travellers seeking opulence, breathtaking vistas, and unforgettable experiences on Halong Bay’s tranquil waters.

With its unique blend of day and dinner cruises, Ambassador Cruise II has left an indelible mark on the tourism industry in Quang Ninh province, making it a must-visit destination for discerning travellers from around the world.

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