An Absolute Guide To The Plasma Pen

Which is the best plasma pen that you can use? Also, what are the problems that a plasma pen can solve?

Do you trust technology when it comes to beauty? Do you use machines for your makeup and skincare? Is technology the right way to go ahead? Have you heard about plasma therapy? A new invention simplifies plasma therapy to just a plasma pen. What do you think it does?

Scientists say it’s similar to micro-needling. What does a plasma pen do? Is it better than getting surgeries or botox? What is the basic notion of the plasma pen?

According to Christina (Beauty Enthusiast), visible signs of aging and loose skin are the main problem that the plasma pen looks to solve. How does it do it, though? Treating your skin at a reasonable cost with no side effects. Is this real, or does this sound fake to you?

We need to understand exactly how the plasma pen works and the benefits we can reap. Should we use it or not pay heed to the new TikTok trend?

Plasma Pen Review | Is It A Hoax?

An Absolute Guide To The Plasma Pen

A Plasma Pen is also called a fibroblastic pen. We need to understand how the plasma pen works. A plasma pen is a multi-functional DIY device that you can do at home. The device is for all ages and provides non-invasive skin therapy. The plasma pen is mainly a skin tightening and lifting device. Do you know how micro-needling works?

Microneedling is the process by which they make punctures in your face. It stimulates your skin cells to increase cell production. The basics are the same for micro-needling and plasma pens and do not get confused between the blood plasma and the plasma pen. Plasma is also called the fourth state of matter. It forms when gas is superheated.

The arc of plasma generated singes your skin and creates the aforementioned marking. You can continue this process in the desired area. Plasma pen triggers trauma to your fibroblasts which are skin cells. They are promoted to produce more collagen. Collagen is the building block of skin, and increased production increases healing.

This theory, much like micro-needling, believes that creating micro-wounds in your skin prompts your skin to repair and produce new cells. These new cells grown in the desired area can reduce visible signs of aging and tighten skin. Skin tightening, moles, scars, and eye bags are significant concerns that the use of plasma pens could solve.

But is it the best solution for your aging skin? Does it have any long-term effects? What does a dermatologist say on the plasma pens?

Benefits Of Plasma Pen

An Absolute Guide To The Plasma Pen

You might notice numerous TikTok videos with plasma pens and their use. Awareness about them has been spread by all means. You’ll see them in the trending section of TikTok and be awestruck by the number of people trying it.

Some users posted good reviews about it, and since then, it has become a trend to post the positive and negative results that users notice.

DIY Easy

You don’t need to visit any salon or spa multiple times for repetitive treatments. You can get the plasma therapy done with the help of the plasma pen in no time. Choose a good plasma pen, and you’ll notice how easy or convenient it is for use.

You don’t need any help or supervision for using the plasma pen. Doing it individually seems pretty straightforward.

Science Behind It

Unlike other micro-needling and other devices, a plasma pen works on the principle of charring your skin. It stimulates your skin and produces more collagen. More collagen in your skin means improved skin healing and appearance, and a plasma pen is a better solution for your skin problems.

Not Time Consuming

Unlike surgeries and other treatments similar to plasma pen therapy, plasma pen is a rapid procedure. It does not even penetrate your skin, but it has to be placed at a distance above your skin. The process takes some minutes and fits perfectly in your skincare schedule.

Faster Results

The results of the plasma pen can be seen in about 4-6 weeks. This is the duration of effects if you use the plasma pen every day. Generally, you start seeing good results in 2-3 weeks. At the longest, it can take about six weeks. This also depends on how you do the process and its precision.

Inexpensive Option

It is the cheapest option if a plasma pen is compared to surgery and other skin tightening devices. You do not need to spend elaborately fixing your face, as the plasma pen gets the job done in very little.

Skin Tightening Benefits

The main aim of using a plasma pen is skin tightening. Skin starts getting loose naturally as you age, which is unavoidable. Saggy and loose skin in multiple areas of your skin becomes pretty familiar after a while. A plasma pen generates new skin, which makes your skin produce collagen. Increased collagen production in your skin means tighter and firmer skin.

An Absolute Guide To The Plasma Pen

Anti-Aging Benefits

Scars, crow’s feet, dark circles, wrinkles, and fine lines are common issues we tend to face. Plasma pens promised to reduce these visible signs of aging in some weeks after use. This is all based on the principle of increased collagen production. After a certain age, the skin stops producing collagen, so the skin does not recover on its own.

Collagen Production

Plasma Pen works on the premise of increased collagen production. Why does this happen? It happens due to the charring of your skin, the mode in which the plasma pen signals your skin to produce more collagen. As said earlier, collagen is the building block of your skin and is very important for skin recovery.

Rejuvenates and Heals Skin

The plasma pen looks to recover your skin from all kinds of bruises and aging. It improves the skin’s ability to produce collagen, increasing its healing power. Rejuvenating and calming for your skin. You will not feel a prick during the procedure, such as the technology.

Softens Skin

It is a given that new skin is softer and smoother than your tired skin. New skin cells produced improve the feel of your skin while making it much more delicate.

Stretch Marks

Many users have also reported the reduction of stretch marks after continuous use. Stretch marks start to fade away pretty soon. 

One For All

There are no categories or fittings according to your age or skin. The product is a one for all development, and everyone can use the same. It is designed to be suitable for everyone.


  • There are no calculated and reported risks of using a plasma pen yet.
  • But some dermatologists say that if we compare our skin to a steak. When we heat the steak to cook it, we denature its proteins and fundamentally change it. The cooked steak doesn’t look like raw steak and does not have suppleness. The same goes with our skin from a long-term perspective. Our skin will have a leathery and tight feel, but the suppleness will disappear.
  • Many users have complained on Amazon that their plasma pens are not working.

How To Use Plasma Pen?

An Absolute Guide To The Plasma Pen
  • Cleanse your skin well
  • Now apply a topical anesthetic. This may be provided to you or written in the brand’s instructions of your plasma pen. Follow the education of your particular brand.
  • Start using the plasma pen in your desired area.
  • The pen will create small arcs or dots on your skin. Then you know it’s working.
  • Remove the numbing cream after you are done and apply a cooling gel on your face to eliminate irritation and burning.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Use A Plasma Pen?

The instructions are pretty simple, you use a numbing cream and cooling gel whenever you want a plasma pen.

What Is A Plasma Pen?

A plasma pen is a skin tightening device used to fight all the signs of aging.

When Should You Use A Plasma Pen?

You can use a plasma pen any time of the day, but users usually use it at night.

Can Middle-Aged Women Use A Plasma Pen?

Yes, anyone with aging skin is open to using the plasma pen.

Final Verdict

All the plasma pen reviews only indicate the need to get more people to use it. This is a better option than micro-needling and an excellent way to avoid surgeries. Overall, the technology is pretty impressive and does not have many drawbacks that we need to think about.

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