Anda Mncayi – South Africa’s Finalist For Absolut Artistic Collaborator Competition

Cape Town-based Anda Mncayi has recently been announced as South Africa’s representative for the prestigious Absolut Artistic Collaborator Competition.

Vodka is a beverage that we’re all familiar with. Used as a base for countless delicious cocktails, vodka is a beverage that, let’s face it, tastes simply divine. There are many vodka manufacturers out there, yet it is Absolut vodka that many people consider to be the crème de la crème of the vodka world.

Recently, in a bid to expand its reach across the global market, Absolut Vodka embarked upon a very special quest. Their mission was to find the next creative voice. Absolut South Africa, therefore, hosted the Absolut Creative Competition in which creatives from the country artists would compete to create an iconic, eye-catching, trend-setting, and stunning design for a very special bottle of Absolut Vodka.

Breaking barriers and smashing stereotypes

Absolut Vodka is no stranger to the creative world. Since 1985, Absolut Vodka has aligned themselves with artists and creatives to create stunning designs for their posters and bottles and spread very real and very powerful messages across the land.

Their latest: Absolut Creative Competition, saw entries from more than 19 countries across the globe. In total, there were 7,500 fabulous artistic entries into the competition. East London born Anda Mncayi, who has been based in Cape Town for a number of years now, was recently announced as the winning artist to represent South Africa.

Mncayi is a visionary artist and self-taught illustrator, as well as a former graphic design student. Mncayi’s artwork is entitled ‘Absolut Creative Expression’ and it sends a very powerful message about race, acceptance, and cultural diversity. His messages are clear ‘No matter where we are from, we are all human’.

When asked about his experience during this competition, Mncayi commented “It is a great honour to have taken part in the AbsolutCreative Competition alongside so many talented and skilled artists. I am super stoked to make it through to the next round and to have the opportunity to showcase my work on a big platform such as this. AbsolutCreative Expression is inspired by our diverse ways of creatively expressing ourselves. It celebrates our infinite potential to imagine and create.”

The final winner’s work will be displayed on a globally iconic OOH site – like Piccadilly Circus, London. The global winner is also set to receive a €20,000 cash prize, joining the ranks of the 550 artists Absolut has collaborated with for the last four decades.

The global winner will be announced and celebrated in May 2019 in Stockholm.

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