Apollo 11 Lunar Module Timeline Book To Go On Sale Through Christie’s

For those of you who are fascinated by space, you will no doubt be familiar with NASA and the various Apollo space missions. Apollo 13 is, of course, the space mission that gets most of the attention, but perhaps equally as fascinating is the Apollo 11 mission.

Many people are familiar with Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins, but not everybody knows that they were indeed the crewmembers of the Apollo 11 module. Christie’s auction house has announced a very special auction that will be taking place ahead of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing.

The auction in question is the One Giant Leap: Celebrating Space Exploration 50 Years after Apollo 11 and this really is one that you’ll thank your lucky stars (pun intended) you won’t want to miss.

The headliner of the auction is the Apollo 11 Lunar Module Timeline Book. With an estimated selling price of between $7 Million and $9 Million. This is perhaps one of the most important manuals ever written.

It is a manual which was created in order to help the human race travel to outer-space and accomplish the seemingly impossible goal of landing man on the surface of the moon.

There is, however, an often-overlooked aspect of the importance of this manual. You see, getting mankind to the moon is all well and good, but what about getting the crew back home safely? Thanks to this very manual, that is precisely what NASA was able to accomplish.

One Giant Leap for Mankind

The auction is set to be held on July 18 and will consist of over 180 lots, all containing space artefacts in one form or another.

The timeline book itself is going to be unveiled in The Big Apple itself – New York City during 20th Century Week, which runs from May 3 – 17. After that, a global tour will begin and will run from then until late June. The book, like those aboard Apollo 11, will return safely, but rather than Houston, the book will instead return to New York for public viewing from July 11 until July 17.

Christina Geiger, Head of Books & Manuscripts, commented “over 400,000 Americans were employed by NASA and its contractors to make this mission possible. An estimated 600 million people around the world watched the landing on television. However, during Eagle’s voyage itself, Armstrong and Aldrin were profoundly alone. There is no video recording of them and only imperfect audio recording. This book is a unique witness to the first manned lunar landing, arguably the most glorious adventure of all time. We are overjoyed to be given the opportunity to offer this global treasure at auction.”

This one of a kind artefact is able to narrate virtually every single part of the Apollo 11 mission from start to finish. Oh, and did we also mention that the book was indeed aboard the craft? Yep, whoever is fortunate enough to get the highest bid at the auction will own something that has travelled to the Moon and back. Moreover, it also includes the handwritten landing coordinates, penned by Aldrin, making it the first writing on the Moon. Now that’s out of this world!

For more information on the sale click here.

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