Aqua Expeditions Launch Series Of Chef-Hosted Departures

Aqua Expeditions, the world leader in luxury small-ship expeditions, has announced its latest venture, the exclusive Chef-Hosted Departures program.

The program features renowned chefs Benjamin Cross and Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, who will sail aboard Aqua Blu and Aqua Nera, respectively.

The vessels are best-in-class and designed with stylish contemporary aesthetics, providing guests with an unforgettable experience exploring biodiverse and culturally significant destinations while indulging in exquisite, locally inspired cuisine.

Aqua Expeditions Launch Series Of Chef-Hosted Departures

Chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino’s Departures on Aqua Nera (Peruvian Amazon)

Aboard Aqua Nera, guests can experience Peruvian-Japanese Nikkei cuisine, which combines traditional cooking techniques with native Amazonian ingredients.

Aqua Expeditions Launch Series Of Chef-Hosted Departures

70% of the fresh ingredients used onboard are sustainably sourced within Peru and the Andes of Ecuador. Guests can relish in dishes such as Galapagueña lobster lettuce wraps with Acevichado dressing, delicate potato llapingachos, tuna crudo, barbecued plantains, and shrimp ceviche.

Chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, the founder of Schiaffino Gastronomika, was previously the chef at Lima’s Malabar and ámaZ, and is currently on the Latin Cuisines Advisory Council. He joined Aqua Expeditions in 2007 and is now responsible for the culinary experiences on three vessels: Aqua Nera, Aria Amazon, and Aqua Mare.

Schiaffino will host two departures on Aqua Nera from 23 to 27 May and 10 to 14 October. Aqua Nera is a new standard for luxury river expeditions on the Amazon, launched in late 2020.

It honours Amazonian cultures and traditions, tastefully weaving design accents from the rubber boom era with the colourful cultures of Portugal, Spain, and Peru. Aqua Nera’s expert naturalist guides conduct small group excursions, providing guests with up-close wildlife encounters.

Aqua Expeditions Launch Series Of Chef-Hosted Departures

Pricing & Details

  • 23 to 27 May 2023 Nauto to Iquitos • From US$6,400 per person • 4-night itinerary including all meals and beverages (non-alcoholic, premium wines, and beer), local transfers and all excursions •
  • 10 to 14 October 2023 Nauto to Iquitos • From US$6,400 per person • 4-night itinerary including all meals and beverages (non-alcoholic, premium wines, and beer), local transfers and all excursions

Chef Benjamin Cross’s Departures on Aqua Blu (Komodo National Park, Indonesia)

On Aqua Blu, guests can experience remarkable cuisine curated by Chef Benjamin Cross, who promises to take them on an inspiring culinary journey of Indonesia, Europe, and the Mediterranean.

Aqua Expeditions Launch Series Of Chef-Hosted Departures

Chef Cross has crafted over 160 recipes for Aqua Expeditions, incorporating a variety of Indonesia’s spices and flavours from Giant Papuan Prawns to Yellow Fin Tuna Tartare.

Hailing from Australia, Chef Cross began his career over 20 years ago at the award-winning Byron Bay boutique hotel and restaurant Raes on Wategos. He honed his craft under some of the top icons of Australian cuisine: Janni Kyritsis from the former MG Garafe, and Neil Perry as part of the re-opening team of XO.

Aqua Expeditions Launch Series Of Chef-Hosted Departures

Chef Cross will host a single departure on Aqua Blu from 9 to 16 September. Guests will enjoy mouth-watering dishes such as a 48-hour beef short rib rendang, Balinese suckling pig with bumbu Bali (Balinese spices), organic Javanese prawns marinated in fragrant oil and lime, and for vegetarians, a delicious jackfruit rendang curry with turmeric rice.

In addition to the food, guests can enjoy a variety of entertainment options throughout the night. There will be traditional Balinese dancers, a live band playing classic Indonesian music, and even a fire dancer who will perform a spectacular show.

To ensure that guests are comfortable throughout the event, the venue will provide plenty of seating options, including cosy lounge areas, traditional Balinese gazebos, and elegant dining tables. The lighting and decor will create an atmosphere of luxury and sophistication, while still remaining true to Balinese culture and tradition.

Aqua Expeditions Launch Series Of Chef-Hosted Departures

As the night winds down, guests will be treated to a spectacular fireworks display, lighting up the night sky with a stunning array of colours and patterns.

Overall, this Balinese-themed event promises to be a truly unforgettable experience, offering guests the chance to immerse themselves in the sights, sounds, and tastes of one of the world’s most beautiful and exotic cultures.

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