Aranyani Launches First Concept Store In Mayfair

Aranyani, the premier luxury international handbag brand from India, has launched in the UK this Autumn with the aim to establish a sustainable legacy.

The brand has now opened its first concept store in London‘s Mayfair district (21 Bruton St) to coincide with the launch of its AW22/23 collection.

The brand’s name, Aranyani, which means ‘The Goddess of the Forest,’ reflects their focus on sustainable artistry, nature, and quality.

Aranyani Launches First Concept Store In Mayfair

Luxurious Concept Store In Mayfair

Aranyani’s new flagship store in Mayfair spans two levels. The ground floor area (550sq ft) is primarily for retail, creating a serene and inviting space to showcase the exquisite quality and artisanal skills used to craft each bag.

Meanwhile, the lower ground floor space (850 sq ft) provides a VIP experience, allowing customers to customize their purchases in a luxurious yet approachable environment.

Journey Through Aranyani’s Forest

The store experience was inspired by the concept of a journey through Aranyani’s forest.

This narrative allowed the design team to consider light, colour, material, and the sensory landscape as the customer moves through the spaces.

The customer begins their journey at the forest’s edge as they enter the store, moving deeper under the canopy as they explore.

The space draws customers into the central ‘glade,’ a sculptural area of soft light that highlights hero products on large slabs of British stone and Irish marble.

Aranyani Launches First Concept Store In Mayfair

Luxurious Consultation Room

The lower ground floor of the store features a luxurious consultation room with a library of Aranyani’s leather finishes, gemstones, and other details that embellish the bags.

Here, groups of friends can enjoy relaxed seating while discussing their unique requirements for a bespoke piece, giving the store a VIP experience.

Sustainable Ethos

The design involves a rich palette of locally sourced materials, selected with sustainability in mind and a reverence for the natural environment.

Most key finishes are sourced locally within the UK, and care was taken to find the right selection of British stones, naturally-based wall finishes, and ethically sourced materials.

Celebrating British suppliers helps give the spaces a unique sense of place and links it to the local landscape.

Aranyani Launches First Concept Store In Mayfair

Founder’s Commitment To Global Audience

Haresh Mirpuri, Founder, and Creative Director of Aranyani said, “The opening of our first store in Mayfair is our commitment to our global audience and our brand. The store embodies the values, aesthetics, and experience that we wish to share with everyone. Aranyani is the life force phenomenon, seen, smelt, and felt yet never visible. Through the store, we hope to share the experience more effectively. Welcome to our world of Aranyani.”

Artisanal Craftsmanship

Aranyani’s state-of-the-art atelier is located in the southern Indian city of Bengaluru.

Founder and Creative Director Haresh Mirpuri’s team trains alongside the top leather craftspeople from Europe’s leading fashion and luxury brands for four years before they start working in the Aranyani Atelier.

Aranyani brings together the best heritage artistry from India and combines them on their bags in a contemporary aesthetic.

Their design principles are inspired by nature and crafted by tradition.

Creating A Sustainable Legacy

Aranyani’s atelier provides an inspiring and enriching environment for artisans and craftsmen to collaborate and create masterpieces.

Each Aranyani handbag is the result of their collective inspiration, talent, and dedicated craftsmanship.

By adopting the atelier format of making bespoke pieces, they embrace SAI (Service, Awareness, and Inclusivity) values. Their bags are intimate and trustworthy for the modern woman.

Aranyani’s vision is to create a sustainable legacy in the luxury fashion industry for future generations by providing an exquisite experience of modern luxury.

They believe in creating a positive impact at every touchpoint.

Aranyani brings freshness in design presenting – gold gilding, hand-painting, hand-embroidery, and setting precious gemstones.

Aranyani Launches First Concept Store In Mayfair


Aranyani’s first concept store in London’s Mayfair district is a testament to its dedication to providing sustainable luxury.

The store’s design showcases its brand ethos and provides a unique shopping experience that reflects its commitment to the natural environment.

With the brand’s focus on ethical credentials, artisanal craftsmanship, and contemporary design principles inspired by nature, Aranyani is set to make a lasting impression in the luxury fashion industry.

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