Are There Psychological Benefits To Plants And Flowers?

For years, people have done their best to grow plants in and around their homes and workplaces for various reasons. Some people enjoy plants for their aesthetic appeal, while others love having plants as it improves and cultivates a serene ambience. 

Whatever may be the reason, plants are known to give off those ‘feel good’ vibes that people are so desperately in need of and there’s a reason why you instantly feel better when surrounded by greenery. In this article, we will discuss the many psychological benefits that are attributed to plants and flowers!

Therapeutic Benefits

Commonly known as ‘Green therapy’, plants have been used as a means to improve the atmosphere of an environment, usually in offices, hospitals, and homes. This is based on the fact that the human mind generally associates plants with the idea of nature, which in turn creates an upliftment in the mood and energy levels. 

Are There Psychological Benefits To Plants And Flowers?

Hence, people who tend to stress themselves out with worry and work pressure are advised to surround themselves with plants and flowers in their work environment, which in turn will increase their productivity while decreasing anxiety and even mood swings. 

Emotional Impact of Flowers

Flowers have always been associated with positivity and happiness. But apart from this, studies have gone a step further and proved that flowers have the ability to actually improve the emotional and mental health of an individual. The reason behind this could be because flowers are generally seen as a symbol of happiness and friendship, which is why people enjoy giving and receiving flowers and bouquets. 

Thus, it isn’t surprising that a flower that represents love and other positive emotions triggers happy emotions and affects the behaviour and mood of an individual who perceives it in a positive way. So next time you find someone feeling low, sending them a large bouquet of roses from the Bouqs, my go-to place for sending a bunch, might be the way to go!

Health Benefits

We as humans tend to feel our best when we’re physically healthy. It’s a known fact that having plants around is a great and efficient way to improve the quality of air in one’s immediate surroundings, which in turn will help boost an individual’s overall health. 

Are There Psychological Benefits To Plants And Flowers?

In fact, studies have proven that urban dwellers who spend most of their time indoors are at a high risk of suffering from sick building syndrome, which happens due to indoor air pollution. To combat these toxins, it’s vital to have plants (specifically air purifiers) in and around your house.

Increase in Productivity

People tend to work better in a place that triggers happy and good thoughts and feelings. So, naturally, having plants around (which are natural mood uplifters) will result in an increase in productivity, be it at home or work. People have agreed that they generally feel encouraged to work out more often and eat healthier when surrounded by plants in their living spaces. 

Are There Psychological Benefits To Plants And Flowers?

In the corporate world, studies have shown an increase in productivity in offices that were green with plants as opposed to plain and empty office rooms. So the next time you feel dull, stressed out, or generally sluggish, consider adding a few plants and flowers to the room to permanently change your mood and lifestyle for the better!