Unleash Superior Sound On The Waves: Audio Pro x Nimbus Collaboration

Audio Pro, the renowned Swedish speaker specialist, has partnered with Nimbus Group, a Swedish boat manufacturer, to revolutionize the audio experience for boat enthusiasts.

This collaboration introduces a special edition of the A15 portable water-resistant wireless speaker exclusively designed for Nimbus boats. Boat buyers can now choose to equip their vessels with these cutting-edge speakers, ensuring exceptional sound quality no matter where their maritime adventures take them. With its integrated carry handle, this speaker is easily transportable, making it perfect for picnics, beach parties, and more.

Enhancing the Boating Experience

Unleash Superior Sound On The Waves: Audio Pro x Nimbus Collaboration

By teaming up with Nimbus Group, Audio Pro is committed to delivering exceptional audio options to boat owners, both at sea and on land. The portable A15 speaker, available as an optional feature for Nimbus Coupe boats or through the Nimbus aftermarket service, offers unparalleled sound quality in a battery-powered design.

Boat owners can enjoy their favourite music for up to 11 hours, even when there is no access to mains power. This seamless integration of audio technology ensures that boating enthusiasts can immerse themselves in a world of exceptional sound while sailing the seas or venturing ashore.

The Ideal Partnership

Elin Myhrman, Category Manager at Nimbus Group, recognized the impeccable credentials of Audio Pro, based on her previous professional experience with the Swedish speaker manufacturer. It became evident that Audio Pro was the ideal choice to enhance the auditory experience within Nimbus boats.

Unleash Superior Sound On The Waves: Audio Pro x Nimbus Collaboration

The selected speaker, a variant of the Audio Pro A15, features an IPX2 rating, guaranteeing water resistance. Its versatile design allows for easy placement on wall shelves, while the integrated carry handle enables effortless portability for outdoor activities such as picnics and more.

Jens Henriksen, CCO at Audio Pro explains, “For us, it goes without saying music lovers should not have to be limited by where they are in order to enjoy good sound. You should be able to listen to your favourite music even when you are in your boat, in the same way as you do when you are at home. Many call the boat their second home, so they want to be able to have similar amenities there as they would do at home.”

Future Prospects

The collaboration between Audio Pro and Nimbus Group is just beginning, with the initial batch of Nimbus-branded speakers already making their way to customers. As Sweden enters the peak summer boating season, demand for high-quality sound is expected to surge. Elin Myhrman enthusiastically states, “We anticipate a harmonious symphony of sound, perfectly complementing the speed and excitement of the sea.”

Unleash Superior Sound On The Waves: Audio Pro x Nimbus Collaboration


Audio Pro’s partnership with Nimbus Group signifies a new era in the boating industry, where sound quality seamlessly merges with nautical adventures. Boat enthusiasts can now enjoy unparalleled audio experiences both on and off the water, thanks to the innovative A15 portable speaker. With its exceptional battery life, water-resistant design, and effortless portability, this collaboration between two esteemed Swedish brands ensures that every journey on a Nimbus boat is accompanied by crystal-clear, immersive sound. Embrace the power of Audio Pro x Nimbus and elevate your boating experience to new sonic heights.