Average Cost of Veneers in the USA

Whether you idolize those dazzling Hollywood smiles, or you want to have the same amazing smile transformation as some of your favourite influencers on Instagram, you may have considered getting veneers at some point. They can cover stains, correct crooked teeth, and cover gaps in someone’s smile. At what cost, though? As it turns out, veneers are quite pricey – more on that below. However, as long as you choose the right dentist and take care of your veneers, you can count on them lasting for up to 20 years.

First things first, though – it can’t be emphasized enough that you need to find a dentist you can trust. For example, someone living in Georgia shouldn’t just look for a local dentist who happens to do veneers; they should look for the best cosmetic dentist in Atlanta, such as Atlanta Dental Spa.

If you want top-notch results that last for years, it’s better to spend more for a better outcome. After all, this is your smile we’re talking about; it’s pretty important to get that right!

So… How Much Do Veneers Cost In The US?

Average Cost of Veneers in the USA

Assuming you’re talking about US prices, you’ll be looking at a price tag that ranges from $300 to $4,000 per tooth. Why such a huge variation? Well, partly because there are two different kinds of veneers. Composite veneers are less expensive, at $300 to $1,500 per tooth. Porcelain veneers, on the other hand, cost about $1,000 to $4,000 per tooth.

If you’re currently experiencing sticker shock, you’re not alone – a lot of people are surprised at just how pricey veneers can be. How can orthodontists justify these prices for just sticking a little sliver of composite material or porcelain onto a tooth? As it turns out, there’s a lot more to veneers than that.

Step 1: The Initial Consultation

You can’t just walk into a dentist’s office and ask for veneers like you’re getting acrylic nails. Not everyone is a candidate for veneers, so you’ll have to book an initial consultation to find out if they’re even an option for you.

There’ll be an examination of your teeth, as well as X-rays to search for cavities or other potential issues. Conditions like gum disease or cavities would preclude you from getting veneers, but not necessarily forever. Even if you end up needing other dental procedures, you could still get those veneers at a later date once existing issues have been resolved. If the dentist determines that you are a candidate for veneers, though, you’ll proceed to discuss your aesthetic goals and formulate a plan for the process.

Step 2: Preparation Of The Teeth And Veneers

To continue with the acrylic nails metaphor, veneers can’t just be glued on top of your teeth and expected to fit; they have to be customized for the exact requirements of each patient. This includes not only how they’ll fit the teeth to which they’ll be attached, but also how they’ll harmonize with the other teeth, how they’ll match the person’s skin tone, and even how they’ll compliment the person’s facial features. There’s a lot going on when fitting veneers, even if it’s just for one or two teeth.

The dentist will take moulds of your teeth, and send them off to the dental laboratory that’ll be fashioning the veneers. This process can take a couple of weeks, and in the meantime, you may be given temporary acrylic veneers so you can get used to what they’ll look like.

Step 3: Placement Of The Veneers

Once your veneers are ready, it’s time for the orthodontist to fix them to your teeth. Part of the process may also involve shaving down your teeth to prepare them for their new look. You may have seen TikTok influencers shaving their own teeth down to stumps in preparation for getting veneers, but this really isn’t necessary (unless you’re actually that desperate for internet clout). In many cases, the dentist will only remove the thickness of a fingernail.

The final step is to attach the veneers to your teeth using a specialized dental resin, which is permanent and extremely durable. Aside from a follow-up visit to confirm that everything’s fine, you should be good to go!

Pros And Cons Of Veneers

Average Cost of Veneers in the USA

The high cost of veneers can obviously be a barrier for those who are interested in getting them, but what about other considerations? Let’s take a closer look.


  • They’re great for improving the aesthetics of your smile. They’re more permanent than a whitening procedure, and they can eliminate irregularities such as crooked teeth or gaps.
  • They look naturally flawless. Unless you opt for a fluorescent white shade for your new smile, you can choose veneers that approximate the slightly off-white colour of healthy teeth. A skilled cosmetic dentist can also ensure that each veneer is shaped like a natural-looking tooth, rather than a cut-and-paste version that says “these aren’t my real teeth”.
  • They don’t require a lot of time or preparation. Even if you’re counting initial consultations and follow-up visits, the entire process can be finished within three or four visits. Plus, the dentist typically doesn’t have to alter your teeth that much in order to fit the veneers – unlike with crowns, which usually require a lot more tooth enamel to be removed.


  • They’re permanent. Once you’ve gotten veneers, you won’t be able to go back to just having your own natural teeth. Since some degree of enamel removal is usually involved, which means that your teeth will always require the protection of veneers.
  • They don’t last as long as dental crowns or bridges. This can be a tough pill to swallow for anyone who’s already balking at the high cost of veneers.
  • They’re more likely to chip or crack. Again, this is one area in which veneers don’t compare favourably to crowns or bridges.

The Takeaway

Veneers definitely aren’t cheap, but they can still be absolutely life-changing for someone who’s insecure about their smile. Maybe it’s time for you to book that initial consultation, and see if your life could be changed too!

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