Azerai’s Lunar New Year Extravaganza

Azerai, the avant-garde resort’s new chapter, extends a warm invitation to global guests seeking an extraordinary Lunar New Year celebration in Vietnam.

With opulent hotels and resorts in Ke Ga Bay, Can Tho, and Hue, Azerai promises an immersive journey into the heart and soul of these enchanting destinations.

Azerai Ke Ga Bay: A Beachfront Extravaganza

Azerai Ke Ga Bay, a mere 2.5 hours from Ho Chi Minh City via a newly constructed expressway, beckons beach enthusiasts to embrace the “Year of the Dragon” on Vietnam’s mesmerising southeast coast.

Situated in 4.5 hectares of tropical splendour, this boutique beach resort offers a plethora of engaging activities designed to invigorate or provide serenity amidst the season’s warmth.

Azerai's Lunar New Year Extravaganza: Celebrate "Year of the Dragon" in Style

Ocean Adventures and Water Sports Galore

Tết becomes a source of inspiration at Azerai Ke Ga Bay, where the pristine sandy beach and glistening sea become the backdrop for world-class water sports. From body boarding to windsurfing and kayaking, guests can choose their aquatic adventure, with complimentary classes catering to both adults and children.

The balmy ocean breeze at Ke Ga Bay isn’t just conducive to water sports; it’s perfect for kite-flying on the beach. An ideal activity for parents and children to share, the afternoon of 9th February promises to foster new connections in celebration of the Lunar New Year.

After a demanding year, beachfront yoga emerges as the remedy to rejuvenate the body, mind, and soul. Parents and children alike have the opportunity to delve into this profoundly spiritual activity through a “yoga for beginners” class on 11th February.

Azerai Can Tho: A Natural Retreat in the Mekong Delta

Azerai Can Tho, nestled on an islet in the Mekong Delta, unfolds a tapestry of activities destined to delight visitors of all ages. Surrounded by lush tropical gardens, guests can immerse themselves in live music, traditional Vietnamese dancing, and a diverse range of cultural and dining experiences to bring the Lunar New Year spirit to life.

Azerai's Lunar New Year Extravaganza: Celebrate "Year of the Dragon" in Style

One beloved Tết tradition involves blindfolded participants attempting to break hanging clay pots with a short pole! A delightful activity for both young and old, this authentic experience will take place in the Azerai Can Tho garden on 8th February, with each pot containing a hidden message or reward.

Transform your little ones into detectives with a thrilling treasure hunt across the picturesque grounds of Azerai Can Tho. Clever kids can follow the clues carefully hidden by the hotel’s team, promising an exciting adventure on 11th February.

Azerai La Residence, Hue: Heritage and Giving Back

Azerai La Residence, Hue, the meticulously restored Art Deco-style mansion on the banks of the Perfume River, unfolds an exciting programme throughout the Lunar New Year, blending leisure with opportunities to give back to local communities.

The hotel’s Charity Corner will showcase seasonal gifts crafted by local villagers and artisans, with proceeds dedicated to the Hope Center, supporting disadvantaged children in the Hue area.

This Tết, guests can discover the time-honoured Vietnamese tradition of banh chung making at Azerai La Residence. These sticky rice cakes, delicious and auspicious, become heartfelt gifts for loved ones. Join together with family and friends to create these culinary delights while savouring tea and cookies.

Azerai's Lunar New Year Extravaganza: Celebrate "Year of the Dragon" in Style

Hue’s vibrant flower street, a spectacle of vivid colours and fragrant blooms, comes alive through a three-hour private limousine tour. Share this experience with your partner, admire the dazzling floral displays, and embrace the spirit of Tết.

Naturally, all three of Azerai’s boutique hotels in Vietnam are set to stage dining experiences, welcoming the “Year of the Dragon” in style. Whether it’s Azerai Ke Ga Bay, Azerai Can Tho, or Azerai La Residence, Hue, guests can expect a culinary journey starting from USD 220++ per night.

As Azerai unfolds its Lunar New Year festivities across Vietnam, it seamlessly blends tradition, luxury, and community engagement. Azerai’s celebration of the “Year of the Dragon” promises an unforgettable journey for guests seeking a harmonious blend of cultural immersion and high-end hospitality.

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