Historic Italian Estate Azienda Agricola Montefiorito Hits Auction Block

In the serene confines of Asti, an idyllic Italian mountainside town, stands Azienda Agricola Montefiorito, a former monastery transformed into a private estate, boasting structures dating back to the 1600s.

This picturesque property, adorned with organic vineyards cultivating Nebbiolo, Grignolino, Arneis, and Sauvignon Blanc grapes, is poised to grace the auction stage, welcoming a new custodian this May.

Facilitating this extraordinary event is the esteemed Ilaria Demartini of Italy Sotheby’s International Realty.

Setting New Standards in Luxury Real Estate Auctions

Anticipated to command bids ranging between €1 million and €2 million, the auction will kick off online via the renowned firm’s marketplace, commencing on May 23rd and culminating in a live bidding spectacle on May 30th at Sotheby’s London, as part of its prestigious “The Luxury Sales” series, spanning global metropolises including Hong Kong, London, Paris, and New York.

Historic Italian Estate Azienda Agricola Montefiorito Hits Auction Block

This event promises a curated selection of luxury offerings, tailored to cater to the burgeoning trend of cross-collecting, featuring an exquisite array of watches, jewellery, real estate, and fine wine and spirits.

Setting New Standards in Luxury Real Estate Auctions

This groundbreaking auction marks a historic milestone as the inaugural showcase of luxury real estate to be hammered live in Europe at Sotheby’s, a venerable institution with a legacy tracing back to its establishment in 1744, thus establishing a new pinnacle of excellence within the industry.

Over the course of 15 years, the property underwent meticulous restoration under the supervision of the region’s foremost consultants, preserving its rich historical allure.

Historic Italian Estate Azienda Agricola Montefiorito Hits Auction Block

The renovations have seamlessly blended the estate’s heritage with contemporary amenities, featuring meticulously landscaped grounds replete with a swimming pool, wine-tasting facilities, a private church, and an array of modern conveniences.

“In keeping with Sotheby’s Concierge Auctions’ legacy in sharing unique and luxurious estates, we are proud to offer bidders a chance to own Azienda Agricola Montefiorito,” remarked Ben Podesta, Director of Business Development at Sotheby’s Concierge Auctions. “Complete with various elements of a truly elevated lifestyle, the next owner of this wonderful Italian destination will acquire not only a wonderful slice of Italian real estate but also a history spanning more than 340 years.”

Exquisite Features of the Main Villa

The main villa of Azienda Agricola Montefiorito boasts a ground-floor living area featuring a captivating fireplace, a dining space, and a fully equipped kitchen.

Ascending to the upper level reveals three enchanting bedrooms, each accompanied by ensuite bathrooms, alongside a convenient laundry room. The exterior exudes classic Italian charm, with picturesque shutters adorning its windows and vibrant red roof tiles completing its aesthetic allure.

Historic Italian Estate Azienda Agricola Montefiorito Hits Auction Block

Additional amenities within the estate encompass a dedicated wine-tasting area, a cellar, and two autonomous apartments. Furthermore, the property showcases a delightful courtyard, a restored church, a panoramic terrace spanning 200 square metres, and an infinity pool complemented by a charming bar, rendering it an ideal venue for hosting memorable events.

Bountiful Vineyards and Wine Production

Encompassing over four hectares, the estate features organic vineyards cultivating a selection of premium grape varieties, including Nebbiolo, Grignolino, Arneis, and Sauvignon Blanc, yielding a potential production capacity of up to 40,000 bottles of authentic Italian wine annually.

Quoted by Lodovico Pignatti Morano, Owner and Managing Partner of Italy Sotheby’s International Realty: “This Piedmont gem will offer its next owner a variety of potential uses, including an excellent investment for a family home or event venue. Azienda Agricola Montefiorito carefully blends old-world Italian heritage with modernized living, offering a fusion of experiences that culminate in a memorable destination for calling home, visiting, and entertaining. Although it is a country house, you’re only an hour away from Milan and Turin, allowing you to experience the peace of rural life without being far from the excitement of the big city.”

Rich Cultural and Culinary Surroundings

Set amidst the rolling hills of Monferrato and Langhe in the Piedmont province, Asti is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, illustrious wine-making tradition, and delectable cuisine.

Historic Italian Estate Azienda Agricola Montefiorito Hits Auction Block

Visitors can immerse themselves in the region’s storied past while indulging in the famed Asti Spumante and Moscato d’Asti wines, embarking on vineyard tours, or exploring historical landmarks such as the venerable Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta and the esteemed Palazzo Mazzetti, showcasing a blend of traditional and contemporary Italian art.

Furthermore, the annual Festival delle Sagre in September offers residents and visitors alike the opportunity to savour authentic local dishes, sample regional wines, and partake in historical presentations.


In conclusion, the forthcoming auction of Azienda Agricola Montefiorito presents a rare opportunity to acquire a piece of Italian history intertwined with modern luxury.

With its meticulously restored heritage, picturesque surroundings, and versatile utility, this esteemed estate epitomizes the epitome of refined living, promising a truly unparalleled lifestyle experience.

Images: Sotheby’s

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